“False is the idea of utility that sacrifices a thousand real advantages for one imaginary or trifling inconvenience; that would take fire from men because it burns, and water because one may drown in it; that has no remedy for evils except destruction. The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crime.”
by Cesare Beccaria


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well, that was different

I have a thing about raw meat.  Blood does not bother me in the slightest, but I go out of my way to not touch raw meat – I use forks to hold things I am cutting, I am very careful about unwrapping the whole thing, and I am obsessive about washing my hands afterwards, regardless of whether or not I actually touched it.  Honestly, this is probably one of the primary reasons I do […]

bottoms up

For being such an… interesting… drug, methotrexate pills are rather… unimpressive. 

Anywise, I have managed to kick my rather persistent cold to the curb (that was a fun way to spend Thanksgiving), so we figured it was time to attack my immune system a new and different way.  Because that sounds like fun. 

Hopefully this stuff helps with the psoriatic arthritis.  Or hopefully it does not suck too bad.  With my recent […]

i really wanted to title this post something else

… But I figured I probably should not.  We will get to that. 

Anywise, regular readers should be familiar with the multi-year, still-ongoing saga of my gimpy pinkie finger, but here is the quick recap for people who do not hang on my every word. 

Back in December of 2011, I managed to slice open the first interphalangeal joint of my right pinkie finger on the pull-top lid of a can of soup.  […]

something i did not know

As I briefly, previously alluded, I will be starting new employment in the near future.  The job is a contract-with-intent-to-hire position, which is not exactly what I was looking for, but, at this point, a paycheck is a paycheck, and it gets my foot into both an industry and a job title I think I would be interested in, so go me. 

Where my ignorance came into play, and, honestly, bit me in my […]

did not get a t-shirt to prove it

So this video is making its rounds around my network of acquaintances: 

For those concerned about the health and well-being of the ship in question, it is being driven into a chop yard where it will eventually be reduced to razor blades, so the point is somewhat moot. 

I made a crack on the Book of Faces that I would be lying if I said I never attempted something like that at […]

it is official

I guess since I announced this on Facebook I might as well here too:  we will be moving to Raleigh, NC before the end of the year. 

Better Half already has a job (which is why we are moving), but does anyone know of any companies in the area that could use a Georgia Tech Industrial and Systems Engineer who spent four years driving ships for the Navy and currently manages the hardware and […]

the difference a day makes

The original pictures of my pinkie finger after its first unwrapping are still available here, and still carry the “squeamish” warning.  These pictures are not nearly so bad, however, so I figure there is probably no harm in sharing. 

This is what I saw after I got home from work yesterday after having my sutures out first thing in the morning; the finger spent all day chilling in a bandage: 

And […]

i spoke too soon

So the surgery was not too bad. I remember being wheeled into the OR, then nothing until someone was calling my name. A few minutes after waking up, I was coherent, able to stand on my own & hold conversations, and felt pretty awesome (as I described it, like I had two glasses of wine).

Then we got to the hotel room and I took two Lortabs.

The next eight hours were spent […]

that actually was not so bad

But I say that with the residual novacain and sedative still coursing through my veins.

Anyways, I had a post that was supposed to go up this morning letting you know I was headed into surgery, but apparently the scheduling failed. Here is the aftermath:

The upshot of all that is that my pulley is actually still intact, just “thin”, I had a lot of swelling and fluid on the dorsal side of the […]

back, but not for long

So observant readers will note that posts have been magically appearing here, but I have not been commenting.  That is because we have been here: 

Doing a lot of this: 

And this: 

We have been home for just over 12 hours and are already prepared to go back. 

Unfortunately, we will be going on another trip soon, but that will be to have my finger sliced open, biopsies […]

not a good enough balance

Highlight of the Weekend: Having three separate people – and gunny folks at that – ask me at three separate times where I bought this holster. Oh, and I got to shoot another .50 BMG rifle, which brings my Lifetime Total Rounds Fired Through a .50 Caliber Rifle to… two. Plus about 20 rounds through a Ma Deuce.

Lowlight of the Weekend: Having Doctor 3 (see here for a reminder) functionally throw up his […]

whiskey oscar tango charlie actual, out

So here is the situation with the finger:  after driving four hours in torrential downpours, four hours in borderline white-out snow, and three hours in darkness, we have the following opinions: 

Dr. 1  – Initial thought was that it was scar tissue building up in the joint – Reluctant to do MRI – After the MRI, diagnosed me with a ruptured A2 pulley in my right pinkie. – Unwilling to perform surgery without the […]

y’know what?

I am just not doing this today.  Go find your free reading material somewhere else.  Should not be hard. 

the world’s tiniest violin

First off, allow me to thank AIM Surplus – not only do they have .38 S&W in stock at a reasonable* price, they got it out the door in two days, and to my door in five, despite the ongoing panic. I have purchased both C&R firearms and ammunition from them in the past, and have always been impressed with their level of customer service.

And this is where, on any other day, I […]

uhm, wow

When Oleg Volk says I "improved" on what amounts to be the official history of Webley revolvers with my perhaps-too-detailed deconstruction of my new acquisition, it might be time to hang up my keyboard an call it a day.

That, or I need to find someone who will pay me better than I do for writing this stuff…

they are coming

never going store-bought again

Another thing Better Half procured for me for Christmas was a dehydrator rather like this one, on account of my interests in seeing what those kinds of things can do.  Well, suffice to say, I am impressed. 

I started with this: 

But after some healthy trimming on my part, I was down to about 2.5 pounds of useable meat.  Which spent a night in this: 

Which was pretty much the […]

last call!

If you want a “walls of the city” patch, let me know before close of business tomorrow!  The order is going in sometime tomorrow afternoon, and, as I said, I have no real plans of doing another run, and I will not be procuring that many spares.  If you want one, speak up, or forever hold your peace. 

(And, by speaking up, I mean “leave a comment on this post or the one I […]

i have arrived

I just have no idea where I arrived at. Anywise, I got linked-to from the World Net Daily a few days ago.

Not sure how I should feel about that, but this might mark the first time this site has been used as a source by something even approximating "normal" media. Yay?

Then, just the day before yesterday, Reason.com linked to me as well. That I do know how I feel about, and […]

if you are the praying type

My father-in-law is going in for a heart valve replacement operation tomorrow… appealing to your appropriate deity (if applicable) probably would not hurt.