“Never offend people with style when you can offend them with substance.”
by Sam Brown




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nature wars – in review

Back when a representative from Random House Publishing contacted me to ask if I was interested in a review copy of Nature Wars, by Jim Sterba, I warned her that such a book would not be terribly up my alley – I am not a hunter, I am not a farmer, I generally keep my interactions with wild animals to a bare minimum, and I generally find the American "conservation" movement to be at […]

coal creek armory gets new digs

… on the internet, that is.

Anywise, check out he new shininess here; I am not sure if it is an informational improvement, but at least it is prettier.

That said, Brick found something interesting – remember the concerns we had about CCA buying and attempting to operate a range/gun store right across the road from an already existing one? Seems those concerns were well-founded – the […]

inforce wml and streamlight tlr-2, a comparison

(Note:  I am well aware that the TLR-2 has an underslung laser and the WML does not.  I will do my best to notate where the existence of that laser affects the comparison, and the laser itself was not used in any of the performance/run-down tests.  Unfortunately, I did not have a TLR-1, so I had to make do with what I had.) 

As a recent negligent discharge adequately illustrates, […]

inforce wml – a video

Looking back at it, my explanation of how to mount an Inforce WML to any firearm with an appropriate Picatinny rail might not have been the clearest thing ever. 

As such, here is a handy-dandy video showing you how to go about it: 

Yeah, not exactly production quality – apparently Flip camcorders* do not have a particularly close focal range – but it gets the point across.  Likewise, […]

inforce wml – not quite a review

So the good news is that I do, indeed, have my test-and-evaluation Inforce WML in-hand and ready to go. The bad news is that I have not even had time to so much as mount it on anything.

I do want to take a moment to touch on the WML‘s mounting system, which, honestly, might be one of the better ones I have ever seen (and this after […]

another helpful resource

The trouble with keeping up with firearm-related laws in America is that they change so very often in so very many different locales and states, but the new book, Gun Laws By State makes a valiant attempt at providing a single-source reference for those of us who are interested in laws across borders. Unfortunately, it does fall short in a few places.

To begin with, I am intrigued at […]

efoods direct, creamy potato soup – a review

So almost three months ago, eFoods Direct sent me three packages of their dehydrated survival / preparedness / emergency food, and, honestly, thanks to our chaotic schedules, needing to make leftovers for work lunches, and various other problems, we have only had a chance to eat just one of the packages – their creamy potato soup (and, in honesty, that was about a month ago… never enough […]

uvmatlite, colder – a review

So back when I wrote my original review for the UVMatLite, JTwig asked if they were affected by temperature in any way.   At the time, I could do little more than quote the standard party line from The Amazing Light’s webpage, but since then, I have done at least a little experimentation. 

Even though it is not terribly obvious, the rig on the left […]

uvmatlite – in review

As I mentioned a few months back, I approached the folks at The Amazing Light to see if I could possibly procure one of their various glow-in-the-dark units for test and evaluation, and generously enough, they agreed

So, just to recap, take a look at The Amazing Light’s story – I dare say we all need an “Uncle Vernon”: 

In our family we all got […]

deal alert

Coal Creek Armory is offering another shot at a $100 one-year range membership. If you live in West Knoxville / Farragut / Kingston, and go to the range more than ten times a year, you stand to save some money.

they do not call them "compliance devices" for nothing

If you see this image show up attached to a comment… 

… I probably wrote it. 

(Courtesy of the gunsmiths at Coal Creek Armory and my own camera.) 

just ask, reiterated

Day before yesterday, I wrote this post about UVPaqlites and how their uses might extend to “in the house” in addition to “on the trail”.

Shortly thereafter, I sent this email to that company’s address:

Sir or ma’am,

My name is [Real Name] and I write under the moniker of "Linoge" at "walls of the city" – http://www.wallsofthecity.net. I recently happened to stumble across your site and product by […]

the short verdict

At 1138 today, 1 With a Bullet made the correct guess of "Short Barrel Saiga", and, in fairness, lucusloc was this close on the very first picture, but he went a slightly different direction with his guess.

Anywise, here is the new toy:

Not my best work, but this week has been crazy busy at […]

the third day’s photo

the second day’s photo

in which i rub it in

I should start this post by observing that Coal Creek Armory is currently being featured on Deal Chicken with a $37.50 Basic Handgun Safety Class (regularly $60), a $37.50 Women’s Handgun Essentials Class, a $100 1 Year Range Membership (normal value $200), a $182.50 Basic Handgun Safety Course Package (including the Basic Handgun Safety Class, a Handgun Carry Permit Class, and 1 Year Membership), or a $182.50 Women’s Handgun Essentials Class […]

xeno’s paradox

Unfortunately, that aforementioned glitch took a little longer to iron out than anticipated, and I should now be able to take possession of the mystery NFA item tomorrow. 

And then come the “rubbing it in” pictures…

almost there

Remember that secret I announced a while back? 

And remember how it took the BATFE five months and 13 days to sign off on the transfer paperwork? 

Well, I held the item today. 

I should be able to bring it home on Monday (one last glitch to iron out). 

I do believe it is going to be awesome. 

armory racks two-gun – a review

Sometimes, I like the do-it-yourself solution, and when I was faced with the somewhat annoying prospect of having my carry firearms rattling around in a dresser drawer, I went and solved that problem myself.  However, sometimes, you can find a commercial-off-the-shelf solution that will work far better than anything I can whip up myself. 

In this case, my little pegboard construct was a wonderful fix… until we bought a new bedroom set, […]

dead zero on a soft target

Just over a year ago now, Simon and Schuster very graciously provided me some review copies of their then-new book, Dead Zero, written by Stephen Hunter, and I was able to put them to good use raising over $230 for Ramon Castillo’s recovery fund.

A few months back, the same publishing house sent me a few review copies of the […]