“Anyone who cannot cope with mathematics is not fully human. At best he is a tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear shoes, bathe, and not make messes in the house.”
by Lazarus Long




"walls of the city" logo conceptualized by Oleg Volk and executed by Linoge. Logo is © "walls of the city".

belay my last

Thanks to FuzzyKBP generously deciding that he would pay this year’s hosting fees, “walls of the city” will be remaining online for another year.

notice of closure

Please be advised: “walls of the city” will be ceasing operations as of 01JUN15. All posts, images, and other web content will no longer be linkable. As such, please avail yourselves of the “Download [insert post name here] as PDF” link now at the bottom of every post, as well as downloading any relevant images you want to retain in a full-size state.

Full permission and authority is granted to any pro-rights or firearm-related […]

patch update

All patch orders I have received are in the mail as of today. 

For those folks who were paying me in a non-PayPal fashion, I have only received payment from one of you, I already shipped that order out, and I think the recipient already received it.  If you sent me money and I have not sent you a patch yet, please drop me an email and we will work it out. 

‘walls of the city’ patches

Remember that awesome new logo Oleg Volk dreamed up and I somehow managed to cobble together? 

Remember how I promised I would make up patches of that logo

Remember how the shipment was on its way

And remember how fundraisers, moves, job hunts, and busted-ass vehicles got in the way of me actually selling the bloody things? 

Well, ok, you might have missed that last […]

here’s how it is

If you don’t like what I write here (or, I guess, wrote here), you are kindly invited not to read it. Oh, you can tell me you don’t like it, but, really, it won’t matter. This is my site, I paid for it, and I will write what I do or do not wish to; if I choose to turn this site into wall-to-wall beat poetry at some point in the future, you are just […]

end construction

Server transition has been completed, despite Dreamhost’s attempts to make it as complicated as possible. Comments are once again open. Site stability/speed should be improved. I hope.

dreamhost sucks

I think, after the past week, I can say that with some finality. To begin with, their servers were completely unable to handle the load generated by my recent post documenting my experiences with the USFA ZiP. To put that in perspective, on average, this site typically gets about 500 hits a day, give or take a few; on Tuesday, it received somewhere around 4300, and probably would have gotten more if Dreamhost […]

new rule

Thanks to a certain spineless coward (who is less anonymous than he thinks) taking potshots at myself and my friends behind the veil of history-less usernames and bogus email addresses, I have instituted a new functionality at this site:  if you are a first time commenter and your comment clears the standard spam traps and detectors I have installed, the site will send you a happy little email informing you that if you verify your […]

gunblogging psa

In the past week, two major firearm-related weblogs, including Old NFO‘s, have been hacked and some/all of their data was temporarily/permanently deleted/lost.

Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action… and whether or not you believe in coincidence is up to you.

In general, you should be in the habit of changing/updating your passwords at least once a year, but if it has been around that long […]

wptouch does not currently work with jelly bean

As some folks have been informing me, and as I have noticed myself, this site looks all manner of horrific on some Android phones. This is a known issue with WPTouch, and according to a tweet I received from them, the folks behind the plugin are working on fixing it. The bug does not appear to be bound to user agents, but rather the version of the Android operating system used […]

sprucing up a bit

Avatars have now been implemented for both the website and RSS/Atom feeds.  Please try to remember that there are more than one person writing here again.  (Also, if the avatars break something, let me know.) 

new face

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you have a Twitter account, why do you not follow me?), you will see that I periodically retweet things from a certain Skas182.  This is for two reasons: first, he only really tweets periodically; and, second, his signal-to-noise ratio is definitely in the “you should read this” range. 

Which is why you should be thankful that, after a few months of cajoling and the […]

a word about advertisements

As some of my readers – and I – have noticed, advertisements from “Cheaper Than Dirt” are occasionally showing up in the banner ad space at the top of the page and the skyscraper ad space on the right side of the page.  Unfortunately, the only control over those is “all or nothing” – those advertisements are randomly generated and provided by Tactical Republic, and, at the moment, they are unwilling / unable […]

2012, in review

It is that time of the year again… Just like all the previous posts like this one, I am using Google Analytics data, with the same warning that its numbers do not match the numbers generated by other statistics engines. Likewise, we will compare numbers against last year.

Absolute Unique Visitors: 94,843 (35% increase)

Visits: 174,805 (9% increase)

Peak Daily Visitors: 1,549 (23JAN12) (27% decrease)

Average Daily Visitors: 478.92 (9% increase)

Pageviews: […]

cloudy with a chance of images

Thanks to the new Photon service of the WordPress Jetpack, all images contained within posts on this site are now being served by WordPress’ own content delivery network. This should be transparent to you, the users (in fact, I had to actually check the links of images to make sure pressing the "engage" button did anything at all) and should (I use that term tentatively) decrease load times for the site. […]

personally, i think camo is overdone

It looks like ENDO-Mike – the remarkably patient, helpful guy who writes a pretty kick-ass weblog and who makes some pretty kick-ass shirts – is expanding his online presence a little; he has launched MILcentric, a site specializing in "military fashion, design, and anything else I feel is military inspired", and already has a passel of posts up there.

If his other site is any indication, […]

it is a matter of logistics

Or trust, depending on how you look at it.

Say I just devised a somewhat good – at least in my opinion – t-shirt design and wanted to put it up for you all to buy. Would you prefer going through CafePress, or would you prefer going through me?

On the one hand, CP (or some similar company) provides you the security of a corporate guarantee, the ability to not use PayPal, and […]

well this is annoying

When you all comment here, is it automatically enrolling you in comment subscriptions for that post?  It appears Jetpack might be breaking in new and exciting ways.