“The right of a citizen to keep and bear arms has justly been considered the palladium of the liberties of the republic, since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers, and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.”
by Joseph Story


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the journal news and gawker media pull a commercial appeal

Not having a dog in this particular fight, I can only sit back and laugh at how quickly The Journal News and now Gawker Media are realizing that private American citizens enjoy their… well, privacy. Extra bonus points got to Gawker for labeling all firearm-owning New Yorkers as "Assholes" – way to make friends and influence people, especially in New York.

On the one hand, a fair argument could be made that these lists […]

addition to fighting fire with fire

We have not talked about the Commercial Appeal’s privacy-invading database of Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Holders for a while, but that database seems to have been refreshed recently (03JUL, to be specific), and I realized that my reciprocal listing of the public information available on the staff of the Commercial Appeal might be a little lacking.

Why? Well, who is doing the database-updating? Surely not the bigoted and hoplophobic editor, Chris Peck! Nope. If […]

same gos-se, different day

Given the non-stop, unending stream of the same baseless hoplophobia, the same anti-rights stance, and the same specious arguments spewing forth from the Commercial Appeal, I honestly got out of the habit of addressing their idiotic editorials, fun though a good fisking can be. However, what with HB3125 moving forward in the Tennessee Legislature, hit would appear as though the Commercial Appeal is doing its damnest to out-hysterical its editorials from last time around:


all in the phrasing

Even though my collection of posts debunking the anti-rights claims of the Commercial Appeal, denouncing their privacy-invading database, and disproving their copy-pasting of erroneous VPC studies is still in existance and has been moved to greener pastures, I have largely given up on addressing the newspaper’s incessant anti-rights overtones, innuendo, and idiocy… for reasons like this:

A man wielding a knife was shot and killed about 3 p.m. Friday in a Family Dollar store […]

moving things around

Here we are, just a little over a year after the Commercial Appeal started its campaign invading the privacy of hundreds of thousands of law-abiding citizens throughout Tennessee, and my documentation of those disgusting actions finally has its own, separate, undated page.

It has been a little while since I posted on the privacy-invading actions of Chris Peck and the rest of his editorial staff at the Commercial Appeal (honestly, it got kind of […]

for them but not us

One of the favorite arguments brought to bear against those of us who are concerned about the publication of privacy-invading lists of handgun carry permit holders basically boils down to, “What, they are just publishing publicly-available information – it is not like they are trying to punish you for exercising your rights or anything!” Funny. Then why is it that registries of sex offenders are considered to be a punishment?

The law, which was to […]

going to need a database of databases

In what appears to be a continuing trend among bird cage liners “newspapers” throughout the country, one such rag up in Indiana (going by the name of the “Herald Times Online”) decided to post up a database of all the carry permit holders in Indiana. This particular database does not contain actual names or street addresses, but what it does is indicate how many concealed carry permit holders there are on a specific address in […]

rewarding privacy-invasion

Heads-up to all of the peeping-Toms, stalkers, voyeurs, and other privacy-invading predators out there: if you get a job at a major local newspaper and convince them that violating the privacy of over 200,000 people is a good idea, you might just get an award:

In addition, the judges awarded these APME First Amendment Citations:

_ The Memphis (Tenn.) Commercial Appeal for stories and a searchable database of state handgun carry permit holders.

I […]

back from hiatus

I have been going kind of light on the Commercial Appeal of late, simply because I have had other things to write about. However, the God’s honest truth is that they can easily outstrip me – the writers and editors of the Commercial Appeal are paid to write their hoplophobic, bigoted, discriminatory screeds whenever they get the urge, whereas I have to take my free time to debunk, disprove, and demolish those idiotic scribblings whenever […]

the apparent evil of “choice”

In dealing with Wendi C. Thomas’ most-recent bout of discrimination, I completely missed the current hoplophobic editorial at the Commercial Appeal.

Now that the Tennessee General Assembly has given final approval to handguns in restaurants that serve booze, the onus falls on restaurant and bar owners to decide if they want weapons in their businesses.

You say that like it is a bad thing, Chris. The fact is, restaurants always should have had the […]

discrimination is discrimination

Noted hoplophobe, anti-rights activist, and general-purpose bigot, Wendi C. Thomas, occasionally has her screeds published in the Commercial Appeal, and today’s helping of bald-faced discrimination and ignorance is certainly no different from her usual fare.

I won’t eat where fellow diners are packing heat.

Well, then, Wendi, I sincerely hope you have not eaten at a fast food joint for the past decade or so, given that it has been entirely legal for handgun carry […]

set your clock by them

As predictable as the rising sun, whenever something positive happens for firearm rights in the state of Tennessee, Chris Peck and the rest of his editorial staff of the Commercial Appeal are right on the spot, spouting off their copious quantities of bigotry and bias like there was no tomorrow. I am not going to waste all of our time by going through this particular emotional screed paragraph by paragraph, but I will address the […]

the inertia just keeps building

Unlike the editorial staff of the Commercial Appeal, who still cannot be bothered to provide links substantiating the claims and assertions in their editorial writings, Richard Locker appears to have figured out the magic of hyperlinks, and was able to sneak one such link pointing to the Commercial Appeal’s privacy-invading database of handgun carry permit holders into his recent article concerning the passage of a bill allowing HCP-holders to carry their firearms into parks in […]

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

It is always good to see the staff of the Commercial Appeal continue with their rampantly anti-firearm agenda – it makes it so much easier to call them out as being the discriminating bigots they are. Consider this “news” article, entitled “Memphians debate guns in parks”, and what, exactly, the Commercial Appeal considers to be “debate”: One person adamantly against handgun carry permit holders being able to carry their firearms into parks. Another person adamantly […]

google is hard

The Tennessee Senate recently voted that handgun carry permit holders should be allowed to carry their firearms into state and local parks unless the specific municipalities in charge of those parks say otherwise… and, predictably, Chris Peck and the rest of the editorial staff of the Commercial Appeal responded with their standard fare of hoplophobia, bigotry, and bias. Honestly, I am going to skip over 90% of the drivel Chris wrote… It is the same, […]

pull the lever

I would never want to illegitimately skew a dataset in my own favor, but if you would like to make your opinion known concerning legislation allowing handgun carry permit holders to take their firearms into parks in Tennessee, there is a poll where you can do just that. Richard Locker appears to refrain from his on-again-off-again bigotry, so the news article the poll is attached to is not that bad of a read, either.


with a side of self-reliance

Once again, the editorial staff of the Commercial Appeal exposes the fact that they would prefer everyone’s lives being ruled by fear and emotion rather than logic and the Constitution. However, before I delve into the mess that is their article, please head on over to the page and vote in the poll found on the left side. I would certainly agree that the poll is intentionaly misphrased and engineered to influence its own outcome, […]

logical fallacies ‘r’ us

Of all the specious and outright idiotic arguments put forward by the editorial staff of the Commercial Appeal concerning the new legislation to allow law-abiding handgun carry permit holders to carry their firearms into restaurants that serve alcohol, the one featured in this moronic editorial pretty much takes the cake. Dispensing with the pointless, bigoted fluff, we get to the heart of the matter here:

But with or without the governor’s approval, the matter will […]

two for the price of one

In an amazing double-victory, HB0962 (the bill to allow handgun carry permit holders to carry their firearms into restaurants that serve alcohol) made it out of committee with no restrictions on it, and HB0959 (the bill to keep handgun carry permit records confidential) made it out of the House with a 83-12 vote in favor. (Hat tip to Unc and WizardPC from IRC.) In the former case, the bill now heads back to the House […]

fingers in their ears

Maybe the Commercial Appeal should start listening to their readers.