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boomershoot 2014 preparations, range test

By now, a positively shocking number of people have seen the deplorable condition my Remington 700 SPS Varmint was delivered in; last night I was able to take it to the range, and here is the end result.

Rifle:  Remington Model 700 SPS Varmint in .243 Winchester.  

Optic Base:  Brownells 20MOA Aluminum Scope Base.

Optic:  Primary Arms 4-16×44 PA416X Mil Dot Scope in Primary Arms 30mm Tactical Rings (2” bore offset at [...]

dear remington arms and bud’s gun shop

When I open the box of a brand-new-from-the-factory Remington 700 SPS Varmint, this is not what I expect to find: 

It is important to note I did nothing to touch up these images – I did not even “I’m feeling lucky” them; all I did was resize them.  The red, remarkably-rust-looking residue on the bolt body was powder of some kind, and wiped off with a cotton swab and Hoppe’s, but that [...]

destroying your faith in humanity, one tweet at a time

If there is one thing Twitter is good for (and there may be only one), it is exposing the somewhat filthy, naked underbelly of those who work to deprive us of our basic human rights. 

Take, for example, this friendly chap: 

@ConstantGeek:  Or, maybe rather than build a border fence w/Mexico, we build a Thunderdome-style fence for retrogressives. #MadMax #politics

Of course, by “retrogressive”, he means anyone who is not a progressive, and [...]

boomershoot 2014 preparations, the ammunition

So we have already covered the caliber (in depth), rifle, and optic options I have available to me for this year’s Boomershoot, now it is time to delve into the little pieces of metal I will be sending downrange to hopefully detonate those boomers. 

Given the timeline I have, and the fact that I have on reloading equipment whatsoever, I am going to be sticking with COTS ammunition just to simplify things.  After talking [...]

boomershoot 2014 preparations, the optics

I may have sorted out my caliber and rifle for Boomershoot, but that is only half the equation – to hit those targets, I first have to see them, and that is where optics come in. 

There are two big take-aways from the Boomershoot information pages: 

A 10 x or greater scope is desirable although some people get by with a 3 or 4 x scope. The closest targets and easiest targets are [...]

the die is cast

Now to see if I can find any .243 in stock.  It was decently available a week or so ago, but the stocks seem to be diminishing as we speak – is it hunting season or something? 

kydex broomhandle mauser clip holder – completed

And, yes, Broomhandle Mausers do use clips.  See, here is a picture of it: 

Oh, sorry, that was something of a late, mean April Fool’s joke on my part – you still do not get to see the Broomhandle Mauser kydex stuff until the NRA Annual Meetings.  But you do get to see my shiny compensated Tokarev “race holster” back on my hip, courtesy of some replacement OWB Wings from DIY Holster. 


moms demand better memory holes

I am sure all of my readers are familiar with the immortal quote that the internet views censorship as damage and routes around it. 

I am also sure my readers are familiar with the concept of “memory holes”. 

And, finally, I am sure my readers are familiar with noted anti-rights legislator Leland Yee recently being arrested on charges of, among other things, illegal arms trafficking. 

With all that said, this should not [...]

boomershoot 2014 preparations, the rifle

Well, now that I have a lot to think about in terms of caliber, and might possibly have made something approximating a decision, what am I going to be launching this round out of? 

For me, this entire exercise has turned into something of a “Boomershoot on a Budget” drill, and the question becomes, “How little do I dare spend?”  To put it simply the budget is “as little as possible”, but certain requirements [...]

boomershoot 2014 preparations, the caliber follow-up

So the one consistent piece of feedback I have been receiving both on the last post and on the Facebooks / Twitters is that I should go larger – put a wider-diameter (and generally heavier) round down-range. 

At first glance, that seems reasonable – I am attempting to combat wind and ensure a bullet maintains velocity at distance, and denser things do that.  In firearm parlance, “denser” generally (and I do only mean “generally”) [...]

boomershoot 2014 preparations, the caliber

So it looks like I am going to Boomershoot.  After somewhere north of seven years of, “Damnit, I really should…” I am getting up off my arse and actually doing… mostly because fuzzyKBP is going to drag me whether I want to go or not.  It certainly does not hurt that he is already planning on bringing the majority of the accessories that make Boomershoot a pleasurable experience. 

So what exactly is Boomershoot?  The [...]

dwayne cassius pride’s holster and dragon leatherworks

As some of you may have seen last night, it looks like NCIS may or may not be spinning off to a new story location; namely, New Orleans.  In any case, the Big Easy’s branch of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is apparently headed by Dwayne Cassius Pride, who goes by “King”, and who happens to be played by none other than Scott Bakula – you know, Quantum Leap, Chuck, and some Star Trek thing [...]

paradigm shift

As I mentioned previously, I have somewhere around a decade of experience with various Asian martial arts and various versions of some specific ones, and sometimes that old muscle memory exerts itself in annoying fashions. 

Last night’s Krav Maga class mostly focused on ground work – wherein my partner and I demonstrated that tall men should do everything possible to avoid ending up on the ground – but it started with a general warm-up [...]

i guess introductions are in order

So Better Half and I wandered back to Knoxville this past weekend, her for work stuff and me to hang out with some friends.  While there, I got to handle something I never thought I would see in person, much less touch: 

That is a positively beautiful 12 gauge / 12 gauge / .30-30 WCF Drillings made for Charles Daly by J.P. Sauer and Sons, before Sig joined the game, and let me [...]

said elsewhere

I recently wrote this somewhere else, and it was sufficiently amusing for the audience there that I thought I would share it here: 

Just when I thought he could not be a bigger tool bag, he went and hit up Sears. 

In retrospect, though, that was later downgraded to “Harbor Freight”.  In any case, the context is unimportant, and so is the person in discussion for that matter, but I figured it was [...]

remembered to take a picture this time

So I got to pat my Defender yesterday.  The entire driveline has been removed (and part of it has thankfully already been sold off), and the donor car is getting prepped for being gutted itself.  The shop has promised me that I can have the truck back in-hand by the 18th of next month, so I guess we will see how things turn out.  All said and done, it will be a 1985 Defender with [...]

monkey in the middle

Or, at least, one of the strangest versions I have seen in a while. 

So I have started taking Krav Maga from the Triangle Krav Maga studio near me.  For those unfamiliar with the name, it is a combative style designed by Imi Lichtenfeld, and now, as I understand it, is the de facto hand-to-hand fighting style of most/all of the Israeli military forces.  The premise is pretty simple – no style, no flash, [...]

‘nuff said

To all those arseholes who whinge about other people spending those other people’s money to have fun building their own rifles, I have only this to say: 

Bite me. 

psa: tn hcp and moving out of state

If you have a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit and move out of state, the TN Department of Safety will cancel your HCP as soon as they receive notification that you have acquired a driver’s license from another state. 

This is not terribly well publicized online, but I called the DoS and asked them directly, and that was the answer. 

The lack of a grace period is somewhat annoying, but when coupled with North [...]

it’s alive!

After two attempts at forming the kydex around the Mauser (note to self: remove grips from any gun that has removable grips, and use the less-dense foam for thicker guns), the Crazy Holster Plans are well and truly underway: 

While it certainly does look like I goofed up around the rear holster with that nasty crimp, I promise that will not affect things in the slightest, at least with the plans I have.  [...]

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