sometimes i give people what they want

Especially when they are so vociferous about it. 

I could kind of look the other way when James Grant arbitrarily proclaimed, based on his own limited, purely-anecdotal experience, that all “teabaggers” (his words, not mine) are racist, while simultaneously proclaiming that the movement is universally comprised of old white people, because sometimes people cannot help themselves from being jerks.  But watching him tell veterans that, unless they are active duty, they should “sit the fuck down, have a coke, and shut the fuck up” if they do not agree with him about not going back into Iraq… well, that sealed the deal for me*. 

So Failure to Fire – a webcomic loosely dealing with firearms, for those not in the know – is officially off my reading list.  There are plenty of funny webcomics out there that do not see a need to repeatedly club you about the head with their assholery, and I recommend you look into reading them instead. 

And, no, I am not going to give links, because I see no need to drive traffic his way; if you are morbidly curious, though, look to the post and comments on 17JUN14 for the most-recent example of the former incident (there are lots of others, but I am not going to waste my time digging for them) and the post and comments on 18JUN14 for the latter. 

On a related note, since John Scalzi all-but** called me a misogynist for being a fan of Larry Correia, and said Larry “looks like a rapist excusing asshole” while callling him a misogynist outright, I see no reason to continue buying his books new.  John is a decent enough author, but if he honestly believes the headline of “The Naive Idiocy of Teaching Rapists Not To Rape” is actually “excusing” rape, he is a blithering moron; Michael Williamson goes into a thorough explanation of why, but the simple summation is this: sociopaths exist, and teaching people how to defend themselves is  far superior tactic than trying to teach sociopaths to not be sociopaths. 

Anywise, John has already made it clear that he does not care if I buy his books, so who am I to argue?  Just means I will have the funds free for a signed copy of Nemesis, which is shiny by me. 

(* – For the record, I, a veteran who spent time in a war zone, do not believe we should go back into Iraq, but that is entirely secondary to the point.) 

(** – John seems to lack the necessary spine to actually say almost anything, instead relying on innuendo and “interpretation”.) 

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  1. Stopped reading that comic after following it for a month or two–my reason was just because I found the characters idiotic and unsympathetic, though, and I never really liked the artist’s commentary. Kinda like when I decided to never go to TTAG after I went there on a random google search years before the whole blacklist thing, and saw them advocating against constitutional carry… I guess it’s good to be validated?

  2. I too drifted off from the comic because the characters bored me and the jokes wore thin. I also found his commentary grating.

    And now Scalzi is pumping up a post written by some supposed military firearms instructor that boils down to: “Silly little women, you can’t use a gun, you might forget to load it, or put it in storage and have parts fall off of it.”

    And somehow that’s not sexist.

    It’s funny that someone who advocates shooting rapists to death can be accused of “enabling rape culture”.

  3. Uh, as a Vet, Grant can Bite Me. As for Scalzi, whom I’ve never read, since he seems to have Pissed Off some of my Favorite Authors, guess I’m not ever going to read him. Problem Solved for Me.

  4. What is it with these people?? Mercedes lackey had the gumption to tell me that she hoped “my karma ran over my dogma” simply for believing in the 2nd amendment. I told her that after 2 wars and several skirmishes, my dogma and karma work together to prosecute targets.
    As for my veteran status, you may tell that fella that any If he thinks his britches are big enough,he’s welcome to try me on and make me ‘sit down and shut up”. I’ll be happy to disabuse him of that notion. That’s my kind of game right there.

  5. I think I gave up on Grant a year back when he delivered a moronic “take” on a gun rights issue.

  6. Yeah I don’t think we should go back to Iraq either, but James Grant is deep into Your Approval Fills Me With Shame territory.

    I think I’d heard of Failure To Fire, but I didn’t remember anything about it. I’m a bit shallow, but I like my webcomics to have a little more eyecandy.

    I have been known to skip perfectly good comics and cartoons just because I couldn’t get past the art style.(Claymore, Dead Leaves, Panty and Stocking)

  7. I have to agree with the general bashing of that guy; He’s a completely disagreeable prick. If you don’t agree with him 100%, he takes it personally and tries to beat you with invective until you either go away or agree with him.

    I’ve clashed with him a few times before, and quite frankly I’m not inclined to do so again: I have far better things to do with my time than argue with him. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Answer: We both waste our time bickering.

    My biggest issue with him is his constant desire to paint everyone to the right of him politically with the broadest brush possible, equating us with klansmen (wait, weren’t they leftist democrats?), the WBC, and any other vile hate group you can imagine.

    I can tolerate ignorance when it is honest and is accompanied with a desire to become knowledgeable; I cannot tolerate people who wish to wallow in ignorance, as this jackwagon does.

  8. @ bluesun: I am certainly not going to say it was the best comic ever, because it definitely is not, but my standards are not terribly high for things I am not paying for.

    Still, I do ask to not be browbeaten with the author’s assholeish take on the world.

    @ The Jack: And that “military firearms instructor” is spouting enough questionable material that I have to question his credentials on all counts.

    But, yeah, even I cannot wrap my head around how a method with a recidivism rate of “0” “enables” anything.

    @ Bubblehead Les: Redshirts was a decent read, at least, especially if you enjoyed TOS Star Trek, but I would recommend hitting up a library or a used book store at this point.

    @ Towerclimber37: Someone else invited James to try to back up his words, and he predictably wussed out, proclaiming that just because he said it no one actually had to do it.

    Spineless pissant.

    @ SPQR: I will confess that I hung through more railings against conservatives than I probably should have, but I fully admit that I learned my lesson.

    @ Volfram: He really is, is he not? I mean, I really, really think we should not go back into Iraq, but I would never tell anyone, especially not a veteran, to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up on the topic, and now I have to share the same side of an argument with an asshole who clearly would.


    @ HSR47: You pretty much summed up my position exactly.

  9. I quit reading those comics after the first month, nothing special, not worth the clicking time.
    Never heard of this Scalzi fellow, best i can figure out he took a meme (the red shirt in star trek always dies) that had been around for decades, made it into a book and profited. Nice gig i guess, hey why not write a book lampooning airline food next?

  10. So on the JL Grant thing I do not read the comments on most webcomics I read for the simple point that I come to webcomics for entertainment not opinions unrelated to the comic. If an artist does not consistently use their blog/artist comment section to talk specifically about their creative process or things that are directly related to the comic like known slowdowns or new compilations of their books or thanks and links to other comics you might like I just ignore the comments from the artist because well opinions are like *** and they all stink and I do not read webcomics to sniff other peoples droppings. with that said its nice to know that he really is as large an ass as he seems.

    On the Rape thing my only observation is that it seems both sides on the issue seem to be applying the least effective verbs for what what they mean and intend. Most people who talk about how using self defence does not prevent rape really are trying to get at the idea that it does not reduce rate of attempted rapes and that it is not an effective tool to slow down the rate sexual assaults. At the same those defending the use of force as the best way to prevent rape are using prevent only in the sense of stopping an active assault. Honestly both sides are right on this issue and the arguments seem to be more talking past each other than to each other it seems.

  11. @ dan: No.

    Most men don’t commit sexual assault. Most of us know better. In fact, many of us(or at least me, anyway) are so afraid of being accused of being rapists that we’ve decided it’s safer to simply never try to talk to women and relegate ourselves to dying single.

    Predators go for easy targets. This applies for eagles, sharks, lions, and rapists. When there are no easy targets, or when the targets are actually able to kill the predator, the predators tend to die off.

    Arming women, teaching them self-defense is a component of teaching evil people not to rape women. Because while it shouldn’t be necessary, nothing says “NO!” like a sucking chest wound and a trip to the morgue.

  12. @ Volfram:
    Volfram please reread my comments no where did I get into any points you talked about and instead was trying to make a casual observation about how two different groups are talking past each other due to poor word choice.

    but on your topic per the definition of rape/sexual assault is not just someone using physical force to have sex with some one. If you get someone so drunk they can not say no it is rape by law in most states yet at least in terms of how college students talk about it that is perfectly fine way to go about getting laid because its what others students are telling them is ok along with TV and other media out there.

    While I agree that self defense is a great tool to stop an attempted sexual assault it does not reduce the rate of sexul assaults which is the issue and why not spend some effort not just on self defense classes and teaching people how to spot potential predators but also on reducing the rate at which predators actually get created.

  13. @ dan:

    “If you get someone so drunk they can not say no it is rape by law in most states”

    Frankly, this is bullshit.

    Use of intoxicants has consequences. Those consequences include impared judgement; As far as I’m concerned, if you consent to get intoxicated, then you consent to the choices you make with your impared judgement.

    For example: If someone gets majorly drunk, and then tries to drive home, and in the process gets in a wreck that ends up killing someone else, we don’t let the drunk off the hook “because she wasn’t able to consent to drive.” It might not be murder, but it’s still negligent homicide.

    Question: If a man were at a party/bar drinking with full knowledge of what he was drinking, and he ended up going home with a woman who was less attractive than the women he would normally pursue, would we give any credence to a claim of rape on his part after the fact?

    The answer, for the most part anyway, is no. I believe in equality, therefore I believe that we should not unequally shield SOME people from the consequences of their actions based solely on their gender. As far as I’m concerned, the “she was too drunk to consent” line of reasoning only applies if she was drugged (read: she was dosed with something without her knowledge or consent), forced to consume more than she wanted, and/or she passed out. In other words, if an individual volunteers to get drunk, and then has sexual relations with someone the otherwise wouldn’t have, then I chalk it up to “the consequences of getting drunk” regardless of the genders of the parties involved.

    TLDR: If an individual (regardless of gender) consents to get intoxicated, and is still conscious when intercourse occurs, AND they are not forced to submit to the sexual encounter (read: they don’t say “no”), then claiming rape is invalid.

    OTOH, if the individual has to be forced into engaging in sexual congress (by naked force, and/or being dosed with drugs without consent/knowledge, and/or while passed out), then rape *is* a valid claim.

    “While I agree that self defense is a great tool to stop an attempted sexual assault it does not reduce the rate of sexul assaults which is the issue and why not spend some effort not just on self defense classes and teaching people how to spot potential predators but also on reducing the rate at which predators actually get created.”

    What a crock! If a rapist is shot and killed attempting to commit a rape, then BY DEFINITION the number of people willing to commit rape has been reduced, and therefore the rate at which rapes are committed has also been reduced. As this happens more and more frequently, the number of rapists declines both due to direct action (getting shot in the face) and indirect action (not wanting to risk getting shot in the face). In turn, this causes the rate at which rapes are committed to decline. Q.E.D.

    Self defense is the BEST way to reduce the incidence of rape.

    There are a handful of reasons why people choose NOT to commit crimes:

    *Because it’s wrong/evil;

    *Because they might get caught (and therefore have to face the consequences);

    *Because they might get shot in the face.

    The first of these is generally more than enough for the vast majority of people, but not for criminals. Criminals also are largely aware of the rate at which rapes are solved by police, and thus the second point above isn’t really a deterrent either. The final one is, thus, the only real option. First, it helps remove criminals from the genepool, thus directly reducing the number of criminals. Second, it disincentivizes rape by making it a more hazardous crime to commit. As the likelihood a rapist will be shot in the face approaches 100%, the number of people willing to try to rape women approaches 0.

  14. @ HSR47:
    well seen as I have seen people drunk enough to stand but incapable of articulating anything because of how drunk they are I have to disagree with your first statement You can get so drunk where you are unable to communicate what’s going on in your brain let alone control your body. I dont care what gender you are if you screw someone who is falling down drunk its rape. when some one can not put together a coherent sentence and can not control their body it does not matter if they say no or you did not perceive any resistance because they could not be aware of their surroundings and getting drunk does not mean they want to have sex.

    In terms of using intoxicants has consequences sure they do, getting a hang over, making an ass of yourself in ways that will come back to embarrass you or hurt your perceived hireability are just a few i can think of off the top of my head but getting intoxicated does not mean you agree to anything that happens to you while drunk either. its one thing to do something you regret or would not do other wise but it is another for someone to get you so drunk you can’t walk or think straight just to have sex with you. We are not talking about two people getting drunk and being embarrassed about what happened we are talking about someone intentionally getting someone else so drunk they black out or cant stand.

    This is what I am talking about and at least when I went to college in the mid 2000’s it was not unheard of to hear other guys talking about doing that as if it was just a common thing. If you asked the same guys if rape was wrong they would have agreed that it was yet they would not have even considered what they were doing as rape because society has depicted it as only use of physical force for so long and no one ever talked to them about anything other than that and not to use date rape drugs.

    lastly tell me how is the current method of just shoot people in the face or otherwise defend yourself working to reduce the rate of rape. Has it dropped any quicker than the rest of the violent crime rates that have been dropping since 1996? The basic issue i have with the idea that Self Defense is the best way to reduce the rate of sexual assaults is that it has been the default since time began which makes it the base line response to rape or robbery or anything else it is not an added method to attack the problem its the main tool we already use, so why not trying to add new tools to the toolbox see if something else also helps the problem rather than just rely on the one tool that giving results that no one is calling stellar lets add some more tools and get the results we want to reach.

  15. dan wrote:

    @ HSR47:
    . I dont care what gender you are if you screw someone who is falling down drunk its rape. when some one can not put together a coherent sentence and can not control their body it does not matter if they say no or you did not perceive any resistance because they could not be aware of their surroundings and getting drunk does not mean they want to have sex.

    So if a man is falling down drunk and he has sex with a woman who is falling down drunk, do we charge both parties with rape the next morning?

  16. @ dave w: As the saying goes, true creativity is forgetting where you saw the idea in the first place.

    A lot of people make a lot of money exploiting that.

    @ dan: If James had not been such a click-through whore that he made the comic completely unreadable in RSS readers, I probably never would have noticed and never would have said anything. But since he does require people to actually go to the site to view the comic, I view it and the blog to be somewhat inseparable, hence the decision.

    As for the rape situation, my primary problem is with the naive and ultimately idiotic belief that you can “teach” psychopaths to not be psychopaths, while simultaneously implying, if not outright claiming, that all men require that education. That is simply a fucked up mentality.

    I am not even going to get into the rest of this thread, though…

  17. @ Chris Mallory:
    Probably not but if one of the two had a clue that the other was so drunk they were out of it then it does fall into something that is either sexual assault or rape. but we are now so far from what i was talking about this is not even close to where we started I am sure we can come up with lots of different areas that fall into an area of gray seen as we are all intelligent people here. Simply put rape is not just forced sex or the employment of drugs to make someone unable to resist but is instead any instance of sex that is not mutually consensual.

  18. @ Linoge:
    I have a habit of just ignoring comments sections if they are below the webcomic out of apathy for artists opinions on things other than the process of making the comic. I put artists in the same boat as actors I only care about their skill at their craft they can have any stupid opinion they want as long as it does not hurt the quality of their work. That being said I can’t really blame you on your decision. The last ak-ar joke was enough to make me say goodby to that lame duck of a strip.

    “As for the rape situation, my primary problem is with the naive and ultimately idiotic belief that you can “teach” psychopaths to not be psychopaths, while simultaneously implying, if not outright claiming, that all men require that education. That is simply a fucked up mentality.”

    While I agree that most men do not require any “Education” there is a need for discussion on what constitutes rape as everyone seems to see it differently now a days and the opinion both legally and moral is constantly shifting just by the nature of an ever evolving society. It was in my parents life time that a married woman could not be legally raped by her husband even if he forced her, now a days we have fortunately changed our minds both socially and legally on that and we will probably continue to change our minds on things. So if we don’t talk about it particularly with our children then how can you trust they understand the why of the issue rather than what is the case right now only to have things shift on them as they get older.

    While its naive to think you can teach Psychopaths and sociopaths not to do something they want to it is also Naive to think that is the only group of people that currently make rapists and those that commit sexual assaults. It is an idea that only evil people do bad things as opposed to an idea that we all have the capability to fail our own moral compass. we have seen through out history that otherwise good people have for whatever reason have done the wrong thing, its not just psychopaths that break the law.

  19. Put simply, if an person reaches adulthood and does not understand that rape is wrong, there is no amount of “education” in the world that will fix that.

    And on the obverse side of the coin, if you know rape is wrong, the “education” is insulting and unnecessary.

  20. Grant also did a huge “It was OUR FAULT! WE MADE THEM DO IT!!!” post on one of his earlier comics on September 12, 2001. He’s a world-class douche.

  21. ORLY? I am somewhat disappointed I was not aware of that beforehand. That certainly makes my decision a lot easier.

  22. 1) Shooting a rapist is not enough. Hanging up the corpse in the town square (or reasonable equivalent) for a few days will make other potential offenders reconsider.

    2) Have not encountered that webcomic, & suspect it may be justifiably obscure.

    3) The best course of action in regard to Iraq is to take off and nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  23. I have often wondered if airing executions would not serve a useful purpose. Granted, some sickos would just watch it for the thrill, but still.

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