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mustang bullitts – a future classic

If you are having difficulty deciding whether or not to jump on the pre-production 2008 Mustang Bullitt I have for sale here, allow me to present to you the hypothesis that the 2008 Bullitts will be “classics” for the next generation

If, like me, you do not like giving the notoriously anti-rights Gawker Media any pageviews, here are the high points: 

What I like most about this Bullitt is that it’s kind of a stealth fighter. The chrome, the spoiler, and the badges are all gone, and the wheels are black. It’s sinister, and it’s so understated it almost feels like something a detective like Frank Bullitt would drive.


If you’re going to get a 2005-2009 Mustang, this is one of the ones you really want.


More than that, they represent what it’s like to get a special edition right. Ford could have easily painted these cars green and called it a day, but they actually put thought into both of them, making them worth the extra premium. The Bullitt Mustangs don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk.

And as The Truth About Cars* once wrote: 

In fact, the Bullitt is what the GT should have been from day one. The sounds it makes are intoxicating… Ford has crafted a very special Mustang that feels fantastic, mile after thundering mile.

I can disagree with nothing either author wrote. 

Now, take all of that, and add to it the fact that the car I am selling is one of a tremendously select few – those used for publicity photos, car shows, and so forth, before the mainline Bullitts were even produced – and you have something tremendously awesome indeed (despite the notion that I appear to have offended the Bullitt Gods by, y’know, daring to drive and fiddle with the thing a bit). 

(* – Fret not; the only affiliation that site and The Truth About Guns have at this point is the same backstabbing, yellow-journalistic lowlife founded both.  He apparently abandoned / got kicked out of TTAC, and one can only hope he will be doing the same with TTAG in the near future.) 

2 comments to mustang bullitts – a future classic

  • James Mansfield

    Beautiful car, but I can’t stomach spending north of $20K on a totaled B. If it wasn’t wrecked, maybe. Either way GLWS!

  • @ James Mansfield: Well, given that you do not appear to comprehend the difference between “totaled” and “in a wreck”, I would not feel comfortable selling this – or any – car to you… so the point is moot. Kindly go waste someone else’s time with your thread-crapping.

    @ Everyone Else: My Bullitt was NOT totaled. My Bullitt is NOT on a “salvaged” title. The title is clean, the car has no liens, and I own it outright (never even had a loan for it).

    Additionally, you might as well consider this post and the preceding one roughly equivalent to posts made in the “For Sale” section of message boards and forums; specifically, thread-crapping is not and will not be tolerated, and any further behavior like James’ above will simply be deleted.