“Of all the strange 'crimes' that human beings have legislated out of nothing, 'blasphemy' is the most amazing - with 'obscenity' and 'indecent exposure' fighting it out for second and third place.”
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shoot like a girl

If you can:

Katelyn Francis is all of 13 years old, and I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in admitting that she shot that stage far better than I could ever hope to at the moment.

Of course, that short video also neatly undermines a massive number of arguments put forward by your average anti-rights cultist – "assault weapons have no sporting purpose", "assault rifles have no sporting purpose", "children cannot be trusted with firearms", "high-capacity magazines have no sporting purpose", "no one needs an assault weapon unless they are going to kill people", "no one needs high-capacity magazines unless they are going to kill people", "all gun owners/shooters are old, white males", and so on, so forth. Unfortunately, as I say that, I assume we are dealing with rational people who can comprehend a reasonable counterpoint to their unreasonable claims and thus admit defeat; all evidence shows no aspect of that assumption to be true.

On a somewhat related note, this is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the artificially inflated ammunition market, at least for me: I kept meaning to get into shooting sports like the 3-Gun competition Katelyn was participating in, and now there is absolutely no way I can rationalize throwing that much money downrange. Hell, I have not even been to the range since Christmas vacation, and I do not anticipate going back any time soon… When sending 100 rounds of remanufactured practice ammunition – just enough to get the shooter and barrel warmed up, in my opinion – downrange costs almost $30, how can you realistically spend half a day at the range with anything more than a .22?

This is why I am wholly behind the NRA’s notion to start .22 and airsoft variants of 3-Gun; any kind of trigger time, even if it is simulated trigger time, is better than nothing at all, and maybe it will help transition folks from one community, or no community, into the competitive shooting world.

Once ammo prices come down, that is.

(Found by way of Mike W.)

12 comments to shoot like a girl

  • Volfram

    I only have one .22 right now, it’s a bolt-action rifle I got for Christmas from my grandfather at age 7. I’d love to get more, to reduce my overall shooting costs, but unfortunately I can’t afford to buy a new gun right now!

    The quantity of female shooters in the US is increasing, which is good, because women are naturally better shooters than men.

    Men have a natural biological predisposition towards more brute strength. This gives men a distinct advantage in hand-to-hand and melee combat over women which can be overcome, but it takes a good deal of training on the woman’s part.

    Women have a natural biological predisposition towards fine motor control, which means that detail and precision-oriented activities… like aiming a gun at a target… will tend to favor women.

    Women also tend to have a smaller frame than men, which makes them harder targets in a gunfight. Overall, guns are not only a force equalizer, giving the smaller guy a chance to win if he’s attacked by a larger guy, but they actually give women a distinct ADVANTAGE against men. A small woman is at a distinct advantage over a large opponent if they are in a gunfight. Such as if said larger opponent is trying to rape said small woman.

    Anti-gun laws are sexist against women. Anti-gun laws and anti-concealed carry laws are downright HOSTILE against women.

  • .Volfram wrote:

    because women are naturally better shooters than men.

    Approx 25 years ago my college had a Clay shooting event. All the guys were from rural areas and had shot shotguns before, all the girls were not and had not. The girls kicked our asses, and the next week/ month (or whatever it was) half the guys showed up with their own guns as clearly that was the problem. Things evened up a little after that.

  • I know this is going to sound a touch like bragging, but Better Half is about the closest thing to a “natural” I have ever seen in my entire life. The fourth time she ever shot a rifle in her entire life, she qualified “Rifleman” at an Appleseed shoot, which beats the pants off me, that is for sure.

    Coupled with the arguably natural protective instinct most women have, I am never going to mess with a female holding a firearm. Period.

  • Volfram

    My mom and sister are the best shooters in my immediate family. I am not ashamed to say that.

    At age 13, I won 1st place in a Mens’ division turkey shoot. My younger brother won 1st in boys’ division.

    Also, I’ve actually watched the video now, which I hadn’t before the first post. That little girl is amazing, and I want her on my team in a gunfight. I think she just out-shot most of the movie characters I’ve seen who were supposed to be trained killers.

    Also, that course looks like a lot of fun.

  • Heather

    Chris and I used to bet lobster dinners on the outcome of our range trips. That stopped pretty soon and it wasn’t because I was the one stuck buying. 😉

  • @ Volfram: Seriously. I need to find a club that runs shoots like that.

    @ Heather: That just means you need to bet other people at the range.

  • Ted N

    Well, great, now AwesomeWife wants to try 3 Gun too.

    I knew she was cool. Now we just need gear.

  • Geodkyt

    I’ve always found the motivated females were easier to teach to be better shots because they have less “macho stupid” you have to beat out of them first.

    Unfortunately, unless eased into shooting, they also have a tendancy to be easily intimidated by noise and recoil (especially if some idiot has been getting his giggles by watching his girlfriend try and handle things like full bore .357 loads in a lightweight revolver with a bad grip and lightweight 12Ga shotguns with heavy loads.)

  • @ Ted N: I so want to run 3 Gun with my new Winchester ’97 and a 1911 and BAR. But that would require a 1911 and a BAR.

    @ Geodkyt: Yeah, noise is the biggest hurdle for Better Half, with recoil being right behind it. She is mean with a .22, though, and I need to start thinking about a suppressor for something larger in the future.

  • Ted N

    @ Geodkyt: Best new toys we got while I was home was electronic hearing protection, she loves em, now that she knows how they work. Next on the list is an updated glasses prescription and prescription eyepro for her.

  • Volfram

    @ Geodkyt: Only an idiot or a sadist would start a first-time shooter on a hand-cannon. A .22 rifle is the best thing to start with. Single-shot bolt-action, preferably.

  • @ Ted N: Better Half loves her electronic muffs, especially when coupled with her below-average hearing. When it comes to eye protection, we strongly recommend ESS Suppressors, simply because they are one of the few glasses-style models that can be worn under muffs comfortably for hours. No idea if they can have prescription inserts, though.