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a series of fun facts

Cyanogemod 10.0.0 for Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones (and specifically the T, commonly found on the T-Mobile networks) does not support Picasa synchronization through the Gallery app. Your Google+ app will still happily upload your pictures to your Google Drive online storage space (though that space is now limited if you upload full-resolution pictures), you simply will not be able to see any pictures stored on the “cloud” from your ph.

Conveniently, the Google Apps file “gapps-jb-picasa-20121011-signed.zip”, found here, fixes that problem if you flash it onto your phCM10.

Inconveniently, the Picasa Sync Google Apps file also limits your camera to 3 megapixels. The Galaxy S3 actually has an 8MP onboard camera, and arguably one of the better ones in modern/new smartphones. So far as I can tell, this little detail regarding hamstringing your hardware is mentioned… nowhere.

Doubly inconveniently, the Picasa-Sync-compatible camera/gallery file is not named the same as all of the other standard Google/Samsung camera/gallery apps (while you have separate app icons for “camera” and “gallery”, they are, in effect, the same actual app), so methods for removing it are not immediately obvious. I stumbled across these instructions:

Root Explorer
Go to /system/app and delete GalleryGoogle.apk
Go to /system/addon.d/ and delete 72-gapps-picasa.sh

However, I had to reflash Cyanogenmod (without wiping any data) in order to regain any camera/gallery functionality. A simple reboot, as per those instructions, was insufficient.

All that said, if you do want anand Picasa sync on your Galaxy S III, plus the newfangled “photosphere” concept Google is playing around with, check this out. I can confirm that pressing the shutter button without first focusing the camera does cause it to crash, but if you remember to just tap-to-focus or long-press the shutter button every time, you are good to go.

This is when having an external SD card is so tremendously helpful. Every *.zip I have ever used to modify my phone is backed up to it, along with all of my actual phone backups. Crashes that take out both internal and external SD cards are not unheard of, though, so it is not a bad idea to keep backups on a separate computer.

I swear, for as “hackable” as Android was supposed to be, some things are just a pain in the ass.

2 comments to a series of fun facts

  • It’s actually all CM10 versions, not just the S III. Apparently, it has something to do with the CM devs not being able to distribute the Picasa sync code with their version of the gallery/camera app, because the sync code is proprietary. So you can get the CM10 version with their additions (burst mode, etc.) or you can get the stock version with Picasa sync. There’s an app that allows syncing with Picasa, but it’s not seamless. I ended up going with the stock camera app, too.

    I didn’t have any issues getting the photosphere with mine, but I have a GNex, so that may be phone specific. I don’t know about outdoors, but I can say I haven’t had much luck with the photosphere turning out that well in smaller spaces like in my house.

  • I will still take an Android over anything Apple makes any day of the week, but it is frustrating what one has to go through to make them work from time to time. The upgrade from CM10 to 10.1 was… painful recently, but at least they sorted out the camera issues.