“Hey, I don't mind you having guns. In fact, I hope you gun cretins all shoot yourselves and make the world a better place just like Meleanie [Hain] did. No, that's not hate, just a sincere desire to see a better world, which this will be without your sorry arses preventing proper gun laws from being adopted.”
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now this is interesting

One of the favorite tactics of anti-rights cultists is to loudly point to the differences in murder rates between the United States and once-Great Britain, and proclaim that the latter’s significantly lower murder rate is due to their draconian and oppressive "gun control"… despite the complete and utter lack of any evidence of causality (see "correlation != causation").

This is all good and well… except for the small detail that none of the released murder statistics from once-Great Britain are accurate.

Bold claim, I know, but Rick lays out the reasoning for it:

The shortest version is this. We count and report crimes based on initial data. The Brits count and report crimes based on the outcome of the investigation and trial. Yep, that says what I meant it to say.

I had known for a while that most of the crime stats coming out of once-Great Britain counted crimes cleared, not crimes reported; in other words, the people tallying up crimes in the Old Country only care if the perpetrator is found and then found innocent or guilty, and if there was no perpetrator, then there could not have been a crime, right? I did not, however, know that same mathematical hijink extended to murders as well.

Unfortunately, given the flawed and untrustworthy data coming out of that increasingly totalitarian state, there is no way to accurately determine once-Great Britain’s actual crime rate, but as Rick explains, the real numbers – to whit, the actual number of people in that country who died through not-natural means and who did not commit suicide – are at least double what the once-Great British claim they are.

Double. At least.

And this is why one should always demand to see the source data, and specifically how it was gathered. People can claim all manner of anything they desire in "studies", but when your study is built off data that is intentionally and knowingly miscollected… well, the entire study is meaningless. And when that source data is off by a factor of at least two? "Meaningless" is being far too generous.

I guess once-Great Britain will have a murder rate higher than ours sooner than I expected

(Found by way of The Smallest Minority.)

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  • And the Japanese? That is another story for the ages.
    “TOKYO — Photos of the teenager’s corpse show a deep cut on his right arm, horrific bruising on his neck and chest. His face is swollen and covered with cuts. A silhouette of violence runs from the corner of his left eye over the cheekbone to his jaw, and his legs are pocked with small burns the size of a lighted cigarette.

    But police in Japan’s Aichi prefecture saw something else when they looked at the body of Takashi Saito, a 17-year-old sumo wrestler who arrived at a hospital in June. The cause of death was “heart disease,” police declared.”

    Japan’s police see no evil

  • David W.

    Wait so someone could murder 90% of the English population, swim to France and hide in a hostel smoking pot for the next 50 years and none of those crimes will be reported as crimes?

    Whiskey tango foxtrot batman…

  • Matthew

    Just like how the UK reports violent crime quite differently than the US when it comes to assault. Their violent crime rate may be higher, but it’s not quite as high as it appears compared to the US…but it’s still higher while ours in going down. Or like how the US is really high for a developed country when it comes to infant mortality. It doesn’t take much to be reported as such in the US, but it take a crap load to be reported as in other countries. Stats for many things, country to country, is more like apples to carpet than even apples to oranges.

  • I guess i am not surprised, when i last lived there the police were useless except for prosecuting traffic violations, and other open and shut, pay the fine kind of things.
    Fortunately, once the UN takes over, all statistics will be reported in the same manner and we can rest easy.

  • Antonio

    @ Divemedic:

    i am in total agreement. you have to be very very careful of any published or spoken ‘facts’, from any source! another case in point in canada – and unfortunately, there are many, many more! http://nfa.ca/sites/default/files/RCMP%20ATI%20-%20Licensed%20Gun%20Owner%20Crime%20Statistics.pdf

  • @ David W.: Given the way they are reporting – or not – crimes these days, that would seem to be the case.

    @ Matthew: Ayup. That is why I do not really bother with international comparisons that much. However you want to count it, though, ours is indeed decreasing, and theirs is indeed increasing; combined with our increasingly and rightfully lax gun control laws, that says a lot.

    @ dave w: Heh. I see what you did there.

    @ Divemedic: Given their history, it is not surprising they learned bad habits.

    @ Antonio: Yeah, looks like CA officials seem to make a point of lying about whatever they can… at least they are consistent.