“If I’m morally justified to shoot someone over a million dollars of my property, I am justified to shoot them over ten dollars. If I am not justified to shoot them over ten bucks, I’m not justified to shoot them over a million. That’s the only consistent and non-arbitrary application of that moral principle. Any other interpretation puts a dollar value on your existence, and your right to live your life as your own master.”
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not like i could compete with it

As I said on the Facebooks and Twitters a few days ago, one of the fun advantages of making your own holsters is the ability to do crazy things you would never actually ask someone else to make for you.

And, sometimes, they work:


Obviously this is not an everyday carry holster, but I contend that neither is that an everyday carry gun (though a friend tells me they are increasingly popular with folks on account of their affordable price (both the gun and the ammunition) and ease of use). Once the new-production Zastava M57s (with their actually usable safeties, unlike the POS I still need to remove from mine) start hitting our shores in greater numbers (I actually saw one at the last gun show I went to), I might change my opinion though (especially if they start importing the 9mm variant).

Enough parentheses? Shiny.


Flat gun, flat(-ish) holster. I actually heated up the back sheet of kydex and put it on top of a couple folded t-shirts in my press, rather than straight on the metal or not forming it at all In retrospect, I should have used the cheapie low-density foam that came with the press for the top sheet, rather than the high-density foam I prefer for its better definition, but it still came out ok.

Well, mostly ok. I made a few glaring errors – which you will have to pick out for yourself – but this is all part of the learning process, right?

Oh, and why did I spend $50 (at least when I bought it; the price has gone up) to put a silly-assed muzzle brake on a $200 gun?

Because fireball:

tokarev fireball

Also, the brake/compensator does actually help with perceived recoil and post-shot recovery… but, really, fireball. I am taking my high-speed-video-capable new toy to a shoot this weekend, so maybe I will have some better pictures of the effect soon…

5 comments to not like i could compete with it

  • You made a Competition holster for you Tokarev? Well now you need to compete with it!

    Also I got a wicked kick out of the horrible english on the Zastava website!

  • Rob Reed

    Any chance you could post about what it took for you to get started working in Kydex? I’ve been thinking about it myself for awhile and could use some examples of things like “What kind of press to buy, other equipment needed, the basic process, cost, etc.”

  • MAJMike

    O/T — What’s the status on the Walls of the City morale patches?

  • Archer

    Second on Rob’s request. What’s the approximate up-front investment in equipment and materials to get started?

  • @ Weer’d Beard: As far as I know, 7.62×25 is not a legal caliber for any competitive shooting sport, but, honestly, I have no gone digging in depth to make sure. That holster certainly is not IDPA-legal, though… and the round will annihilate any steel targets on the course.

    @ Rob Reed & @ Archer: Post in the works. Slowly.

    @ MAJMike: They have arrived, and if you take a gander over here you can see one in the wild. I will not be shipping them out or accepting payment until I sort out the HAVA shipments, though.