credit where it is due

I would like to take a moment and thank Brownells for being an amazing corporation. In addition to generously supporting the recent HAVA Fundraiser, I also emailed my contact there with a somewhat random question this morning, and he had amazingly comprehensive answers from two of the gunsmiths there to me before lunch. Given how busy you and I both know Brownells must be at the moment, what with the ongoing buying panic/craze, that kind of turnaround on a question that had basically nothing to do with their products was greatly appreciated.

Likewise, I would also like to thank Winchester Ammunition, Federal Premium Ammunition, and CCI Ammunition for similar turnarounds on similar questions; despite making it clear I was not talking about their products specifically, they took they time out of their unquestionably busy schedules and helped me with my quandary.

That level of customer service – when I made it clear I was not even a paying customer this time around – has helped ensure I will continue to purchase those companies’ products in the future.

On a completely dissimilar, but related, vein, I would like to announce that I will no longer be doing "test and evaluation" reviews at this site. Any further product / material / equipment / etc. review you see on this site written by me will be of a product I bought and paid for using my very own money. I cannot speak to my guest authors, but I am done T&Eing things, for reasons that may be expressed in the future, and may not. I will still accept advertising for this site, and some of the payment for that advertising may be in the form of barter (speaking of, the site’s sponsorship by Coal Creek Armory elapsed today, so if any other companies are interested…), but I will no longer be accepting products exclusively for the purpose of reviewing them.

4 thoughts on “credit where it is due”

  1. For some reason I always trust a review better when someone spends their own money on it if they are respectable peoples.

    If you get something free to test and evaluate and it sucks ass, you may not explain how much it sucks ass without risking a lawsuit or not getting any more T&E thingies.

    If you pay for it yourself though, and willing to take a harsh view of it, there is less of a chance of a lawsuit (IANAL, YMMV) and you really don’t have to worry about being black listed from being able to buy things.

    Though I do suppose there are those who feel stupid about the purchase and don’t actually chronicle the badness if there is any.

  2. Last gun show I went to had a USFA Zip with the hilariously awkward high-capacity magazine plugged into it on one of the tables.

    I picked it up for the sake of raw curiousity.

    A more awkward gun I have never held. Guns should be simple devices. Point, shoot. They should be comfortable, and they should just work. In the event a round jams, it should be possible to clear it by opening the chamber and, at most, prying the casing out with a narrow tool(in my case, usually a fingernail.)

    As far as I can tell, none of the above applies to the USFA zip. Granted, I was in a rush to put it down and didn’t check it as thoroughly as, say, the Chiappa Rhino revolvers at two other tables(which fit beautifully in my hand, and I still want one), but still…

  3. @ bluesun: It always was. That seems to be the problem.

    @ David W.: I can honestly say that all of the reviews on this site have expressed my honest, actual opinions regarding the products in question. Amusingly, it was not a review that caused me to make this decision, but rather a certain company’s reaction to my attempt at objectively documenting a series of events I experienced with their product, from my perspective.

    If companies are going to react that poorly to that, I can only imagine how they would react to an actual negative review.

    @ Volfram: And remember that the ZiP is completely and totally incompatible with most 25-round 10/22 magazines – magazines that basically no other gun will complain about – unless you purchase the “upgrade kit” that USFA conveniently sells.

    And, trust me, I still want a Rhino too… I just wish it was made by another company.

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