“All governmental legislation, laws, regulations, limitations, fees, and fines are backed up by the barrel of a gun. Some of us never forget that. Some of us never learned that, and it seems to me that we are going to have to change that if we are ever going to get anywhere.”
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So here is the situation with the finger:  after driving four hours in torrential downpours, four hours in borderline white-out snow, and three hours in darkness, we have the following opinions: 

Dr. 1 
– Initial thought was that it was scar tissue building up in the joint
– Reluctant to do MRI
– After the MRI, diagnosed me with a ruptured A2 pulley in my right pinkie.
– Unwilling to perform surgery without the swelling going down
– Only willing to consider encircling techniques
– Only willing to harvest from palarmis longus or plantaris tendons
– Did not mention non-encircling techniques or other harvest sites, despite being specifically questioned 

Dr. 2
– Did not look at MRI disc
– Spent lots of time poking and prodding finger
– Unwilling to make any projection for success of or efficacy of surgery
– Thinks swelling is a byproduct of tendon being out of track
– Willing to perform surgery with current swelling
– Seems hung up on possibility of partial tear
– Seems to want to directly repair whatever is left of existing pulley
– Typically harvests from extensor retinaculum for repairs

Dr. 3
– Knows Dr. 1
– Looked at MRI disc
– Seems to believe surgery would be effective
– Unwilling to operate until swelling is under control
– Does not believe swelling is due to rupture
– Would use slips of existing finger tendons or extensor retinaculum for repairs
– Sometimes decides to simply scrape away scar tissue rather than repair pulley

In other words, two-and-a-half wildly disparate opinions on how to proceed, what is wrong, and how best to correct it.  At this point, my whole hand is in a compression glove, making me look like a burn victim, and then I have coban-equivalent wrapped around the pinkie finger, with no actual surgery scheduled or really even considered at the moment.  Said surgery would be outpatient, I would be sedated for the whole thing, and I could figure out 48 hours of not doing much, a week before using the finger at all, 6 weeks before being comfortable using it, and 12 weeks minimum before it returns even to its current level of uselessness.  Current pain levels with it just sitting there ranges from 2-4, depending on the day, typing is annoying as hell (both from the pain and the dexterity stand points), and if I forget and use it, that can rapidly ramp up to a 6-8…  And this is all while on the maximum dose of ibuprofen every day. 

Now that we have gotten the stuff you do not care about out of the way, on to the things you might care about.  As you may have noticed, I did not update this site for over a week, and, honestly, you had better get used to it.  In addition to typing being a literal pain, I do this whole "weblogging" thing for me, not you, and, frankly, it has stopped being fun.  I am tired of defending my Constitutionally-protected human rights from people who do not give a damn about my rights, me as a human being, or anything except their need to feel good, acquire power, or both.  I am tired of watching my country be actively destroyed, knowing that nothing I can say or do will realistically change the outcome.  I am tired of dealing with the passive-aggressive frakwits, back-stabbing, elitist prats, and/or self-appointed, petty gods-in-their-own-minds who seem to be infesting the gunblogging community these days… which, probably, was inevitable once it started moving from "community" to "industry". 

So I am taking a break. 

I have more than a few posts in the queue that I might get around to formatting and posting once in a while, and there may be a review or two in the works, but any new content – aside from HAVA Fundraiser updates – will probably be from Skas.  And, speaking of, I am still running the fundraiser and will see it through to its end, so no worries on that count. 

TL;DR version: the whiny bastard who owns this insignificant site has finally taken his marbles and gone home. Thank God. 

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  • It’s still a community to me. Come visit any time.

    Also, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Andrews_(physician). Just a thought.

  • jules

    linoge, my husband had something similar to this. his pinky finger curled, he was in extreme pain, with no hope of fixing it. come to find out, he had an ulnar nerve injury in the elbow area, which caused all of it. there was really nothing anyone could do about it…he went to the best orthopedic surgeons he could find. ends up, he fell off a ladder about a year later, severely fracturing his wrist and hand. his surgeon noticed the finger, and while he was placing one of the many pins plus the bars, he snipped the tendon on the underside of it. it relieved the pressure, and he can live with it now, however he does have limited usage. fingers are complex and do the weirdest things. he never did really find out what he did to cause it. hope you can come to a better resolution than my hubby did!

  • I’ve still got a pretty nice ax, if you want to borrow it.

  • jules

    yes…when anything becomes a chore, it is time to take a break or change it.

  • Take care of yourself Linoge. Try and update us on your hand when you can.


  • I feel terrible that I never noticed you hadn’t blogged. I’m so sorry. Feel better soon! *HUGS*

  • Ugh… suck.
    Maybe next time you come through town, it’ll be more pleasant and we’ll have time to hang out.

    I’m hoping that whatever decision you come to as to what to do about that digit works out well.

  • jetaz

    Take care of yourself, and do what you need to do.

  • Ted N

    But the site just started working for me over here in Egypt!

    Have a good break, hope somebody figures out the pinky problem. Chuck Norris would just bite the thing off and do without. 😀

  • You could get one of those speech to text gizmos, or hire an intern.

  • chiefjaybob

    I agree with the others that you should take a break if you feel you need to. However, I don’t agree with you on your point of not accomplishing anything on the rights front. Your posts and tweets have helped arm me for the fight, and I feel much more confident going up against the liars when I have verifiable facts. I bet I’m not the only one. If you decide to stop doing this, or permanently cut back, please don’t do it because you think you’ve just been howling at the moon. Do it because it suits you. Illegitimus non carborundum. And if I spelled the Latin wrong, up yours; it’s the best I could do under the circumstances.

  • DJ

    I still recommend the surgeon I recommended to you before.

    I’ve made use of him again quite recently. On January 3, just after midnight, the middle finger of my left hand woke me up with more than considerable pain. Two hours before, it had been just fine. It peaked at a 7-8 on my 1-10 scale and stayed that way for days. I thought it was gonna explode.

    To make a very long story much shorter, it began that same day with my regular MD being stumped. I started two oral antibiotics, plus one injected antibiotic, and a quite serious pain med regimen.

    A week later, with no relief in sight, I went to the surgeon, who diagnosed the problem immediately via examination and X-ray. Turns out I have osteoarthritis in the distal joint of the index and middle fingers of both hands. They were a bit crooked and swollen; now I know why. The problem finger had developed a mucous cyst; osteoarthritis in the distal joint does that. The problem was the cyst developed quickly, then developed a staph infection very quickly, and then became horribly inflamed.

    So, 40 days of antibiotics and a continuing regimen of Naproxen (500 mg every 12 hours) and it’s very much improved. BUT, it’ll never be “good” again; osteoarthritis does that, too.

    The man knows his stuff. I recommend him highly. Methinks you need him, too.

  • Rob Reed

    Sorry to hear about the problems with your finger. I hope you get everything resolved soon.

    As to blogging, if it’s not fun, why do it? I like your stuff but you have to make yourself happy first. (But, if wanna do that Webley range report before you hang up your spurs for good, that’d be cool, as I was looking forward to that one)


  • My sympathies for the situation with your finger.

    I’ll add that if blogging becomes a painful chore then there’s no reason to do it.

    But I’ll second chiefjaybob, you have made a difference, you’ve helped arm us with facts and information and done much to help. But don’t think you’re obligated to blog.

    Is it enough? Are we just spitting on the wind? Eh. The forces against freedom are evergreen. They’ll never be totally gone. And they just may win.

    And I agree with the whole community to industry. But then you’ve just gotta pick and choose who your friends are.

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