“... the freedom to own and carry the weapon of your choice is a natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil, and Constitutional right -- subject neither to the democratic process nor to arguments grounded in social utility.”
by L. Neil Smith


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Reviews in the Pipeline

I’ve got a few new products for which I’m working on writing reviews. They are:
Sevigny Carry Plain Rear w/ Fiber Optic Front for my Glock 17
Comp-tac International holster for my Glock 17
MagHolder.com Horizontal Mag Carrier for Glock
and almost finished (just need to snap some pictures) is the SIRT Training pistol.

Are there any products you all would like to see reviewed?

I will note I’ve had better luck with my products than Linoge has with his (but his actually came in as a T&E) :)

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