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So for Christmas, the in-laws got me a Mora 106 Knife and a 220 Woodsplitter; thanks to my hand deciding to give the world, including myself, the finger, I have not had a chance to actually use them yet, but they needed safe places to live.  The 106 comes with something that could be charitably called a “sheath”, but anyone who knows Mora knives knows that thing does not amount to much – it is a one-size-fits-all hard plastic monstrosity meant only to protect the edge during shipping.  There is nothing wrong with that – I would rather pay for a good blade than for a nice from-the-factory sheath – but we can do better.  And so I did: 

2013-03-16 21.14.13

I swear, without a drill press, I have no idea how the pros get their lines of rivets to be so perfectly straight… but that is why they are pros and I am some schmuck whacking rocks together in his garage.  In any case, yes, I did use a ruler, but apparently my drill bit wandered mid… something. 

2013-03-16 21.14.26

Another factor of Mora design is that they are not likely to stay in their sheaths just through friction, so I helped it out a little.  That bubble on the back is a neodymium magnet molded in and then riveted in place.  It will not suffice if you were to hold the sheath upside down and shake it, but it keeps it from popping out randomly. 

In other news, I apparently need to figure out the tool to remove split rivets. 

2013-03-16 21.13.38

This one took some thinking…  traditional sheaths will not work, so this is more a clip.  When you have it out, just slide one handle into its divot, then pop the other one into place; remove by yanking… which is why the edge is towards the rivets. 

Moras are, frankly, epic knives, and I am looking forward to using them when I can… and figuring out how to use the 220 at all.  At least, for now, they have somewhere safe to live. 

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  1. 2-piece copper rivets (“Tinners and burrs”) are the very thing when you have to have a blade edge face ’em. Leatherwork suppliers should have them.

  2. Iiinteresting. Did not know that. I will have to remember next time around. I am hoping the molding and the squish of the plastic will keep the edge from finding the rivets this time around.

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