“Gun control can render a populace incapable of doing a damned thing about a totalitarian and subjugating government. Gun control can keep average human beings defenseless, and thus easy prey for those who are stronger, faster, or more ruthless. Gun control can create the unfortunate unintended consequence of making the police forces unprepared for armed resistance, and thus more likely to take casualties when encountering it. But when it comes to its publicly stated goals, gun control is doomed to failure from the very outset, whether its supporters are willing to admit it or not.”
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it was getting too monochromatic around here

Speaking of colors, for those interested in such things (and I was before I embarked down this road), the holster, lens cover holder, magazine holder, and both knife sheaths you saw previously (minus their belt clips, obviously) all came out of the same ~12” x ~24” sheet of kydex, which will run you about $13 for the 0.060” stuff I use.  I still have a few bits and pieces laying around too, but nothing I will probably be able to make anything out of.  Once you get past the initial cost of tools, presses, and so forth, this stuff is cheap

That said, I had this idea at work today, and I knew I had to pound it out when I got home: 

2013-03-18 22.33.52

2013-03-18 22.33.41

2013-03-18 22.35.11

Obviously this specific application is only useful for left-handed shooters, but the overall magazine holder design works just as well in either front pocket as well.  The notch is there to grab hold of the pocket above the carpenter pocket, while the long bottom gets the magazine up out of the pocket and easier to grab.  Depending on the pants – unsurprisingly, jeans are not exactly standardized – you have to be careful to pull straight up rather than forward, but if you have to carry concealed, this seems like it would work. 

In other news, the same pair of jeans appears in all three pictures; it is interesting how my phone’s camera decided to balance the colors, though… 

2 comments to it was getting too monochromatic around here

  • Volfram

    I love that pocket!

    I carry my knife there. For the past 5 years, I’ve carried a knife there, clearly visible, plain to see by anyone who wants to look, and right at my hand if I happen to need it. I actually feel naked without it.

    Curiously, I don’t think anybody has ever noticed I was carrying a knife if I didn’t mention it first.

  • Either my phone or my flashlight, depending on the specific pants, lives there. Seems like the perfect place for a lefty to keep a spare mag, though…