i have to keep reminding myself this is practice

I am not a perfectionist – just ask my wife – but I have an annoying tendency to want to do things right the first time, and not getting it right frustrates me.  This despite the reality that, if I have no experience doing something, I cannot exactly do that something particularly well. 

Anywise, enough whining.  Aside from being wider than strictly necessary, yesterday’s lens cover holster turned out pretty well.  That made up for this: 

2013-03-16 17.54.09

Oh, sure, it looks ok-ish from the side (aside from looking a little sad), but turn 90 degrees and… 

2013-03-16 17.54.49

That shim – the flat white thing – is there because my chicago screws are too long for one layer of 0.06” and one layer of 0.125” kydex… which is kind of funny, given they are almost too short for two layers of 0.06” riveted together plus one layer of 0.125”.  Go figure. 

Anywise, once I get shorter chicago screws, the mag sheath will be a little closer to my pants, but thanks to that big-ass clip, it will still be riding a little ways out…  Given it is just holding up a magazine, I have to wonder if a premade clip like one of these would be a little better. 

I really need to learn to cut bigger than I think I need, though, as evinced by the rivets on the left side, and I hit the problem even worse today.  I am not sure if my oven just sucks that hard, or kydex naturally shrinks no matter if you go over 330 or not, but, yeah, cut big, bake it, and then trim it down to where you want it. 

Speaking of, if you want one of those lens cap covers for yourself, drop me a line – like I told Nick, $20 including shipping should cover them.  On the flip side, this is a fine example of the reasons I stopped weblogging for now (the comments, not the post – ENDO is an awesome dude). 

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  1. Dude, you know you’ll never stop the I’m-smarter-more-tactical-better-than-you internet geniuses. Some people gotta leave their sixth-grade snark wherever they can, because in real life they get beat down for being dingbats. Don’t let the bastards grind you down. Two take-aways: #1)ENDO thought it was cool. He’s not exactly your garden-variety mall ninja; and B) The Gormogons are pretty smart dudes. They don’t have comments on their blog. If you feel strongly about something, ya gotta email them. Maybe that’s not a bad idea. I used a lot of dashes there. Please don’t hold that against me.

  2. OK…so you know you have a source for many different lengths/styles of Chicago screws, right? About 17 miles due north/northeast. Surprisingly the exact same location where a finished HAVA fundraiser holster is residing…

    Don’t use closed-back Chicago screws. Use the open-backed ones. They have a built in set of teeth on the flange to make sure they don’t spin as you torque the screw down. Come on over tomorrow afternoon, and you can go through all my stock and pick out what you want.

    Then, I’ll tell you where to go to buy them locally.

  3. A few tips.
    Cook the kydex in the oven on a baking sheet, at 300 degrees and give it plenty of time to soften. The worst problem with kydex is heating too fast.
    Some kydex will shrink more than other batches, it just does. And some plumps up and gets thicker.
    You molded to the mag, use a snap cap or dummy round to avoid the depression at the feed lips. I make a wood blank shaped like the mag to avoid the “one way only” molding. This way it can be worn left, right, bullet pointing forward or aft.
    Mold the outer panel and leave the inner panel flat, this brings the edges of the carrier closer to the body.
    Kydex can be molded to make belt loops or clips the same width as the inner panel, then chicago bolt thru the eyelets. This doesn’t scratch the mag and is more secure than single point belt clips.
    A combination belt sander and disc sander makes quick work of excess stock removal and is all you need to make your edges even.
    And the most important (to me), it is hand made, it will never look like commercial molded components no matter how much time you spend at it. Make your holster, knife sheath and mag carriers from the same material and colors, and embrace the custom hand-made philosophy.
    And finally, do not use a functional cell phone to make a carrier for it, trust me on that one.

  4. @ chiefjaybob: I think this is what you are looking for.

    That said, yeah, of course I know jackasses like them will always exist so long as there is an internet and humans to populate it.

    I am just tired of them.

    And I am even more tired of jackasses like them being adored by our community simply because they are part of our community. Hell with that.

    @ Dragon: You apparently have more sources for hardware than I have :).

    @ dave w: As much as anything is :).

    @ Evan Easton: I can make the male part shorter… I am not sure I can make the female part shorter and still useable.

    @ JW Johnson: I have been taking my kydex up to 200, letting it sit, and then pushing it up to about 320. Might start trying a lower temperature to see if that helps with the shrinkage.

    And, yeah, might be worth doing a flat-back on this kind of thing. The clip screws are actually in a dent I formed into the kydex, so I do not think they are even touching the magazine.

    I had wondered whether cell phones could survive the process… good to learn from someone else’s trial and error ;).

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