hava prize packages, unlocked!

Well, right about now, I would have been playing a rousing game of Tribes Ascend, but ZerCool just had to go and unlock the new Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser prize packages, and here I am… 

Joking, joking.  There is little more I would like to do than give you all some more incentive to donate to this worthy organization, and thanks to many folks’ generous donations, including ZerCool’s, those prize packages I mentioned earlier are now officially unlocked. 

So what are they? 

First and foremost, you get this shiny HAVA-branded duffel bag, measuring about 17” wide by 9” deep by 11” tall, which is a perfectly suitable size for a range bag (measuring tape not included): 


“Well, that is all good and well, but what is in the bag?”  To begin with, each bag gets a HAVA-branded LaRue Tactical Dillo Tool and a Leupold LensPen


Then, a pair of Smith and Wesson 25NRR ear muffs: 


And one each of a HAVA-branded ballcap and a Mossberg-branded one as well: 


So each of the four prize packages gets one of the above items.  The below items get randomly distributed among the four bags.  To start with, we have a Surefire EP3 or EP4 in-ear Sonic Defenders hearing protection: 


The EP4s are Larges; the EP3s are Mediums.  I am just going to toss one in each of the four duffel bags, for simplicity’s sake. 

But that is not all!  Each bag will also get a random one of the following three Surefire G2Z-ODs and one G2-OD (note: these are the Xenon bulb models and do come with batteries): 


So, to recap, each of the four prize packages gets one (1) duffel bag, one (1) Dillo tool, one (1) lens pen, one (1) set of earmuffs, two (2) ballcaps, one (1) set of earplugs, and one (1) flashlight. 

See why I wanted to raise enough money for Honored American Veterans Afield before I went and threw all of this stuff into the mix?  If this will not get you donating, I honestly do not know what will!