“Though it is a long step between being disarmed and being murdered - one does not usually lead to the other - but it is nevertheless an arresting reality that not one of the principal genocides of the twentieth century, and there have been dozens, has been inflicted on a population that was armed.”
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the world’s tiniest violin

First off, allow me to thank AIM Surplus – not only do they have .38 S&W in stock at a reasonable* price, they got it out the door in two days, and to my door in five, despite the ongoing panic. I have purchased both C&R firearms and ammunition from them in the past, and have always been impressed with their level of customer service.

IMG_20130228_174601And this is where, on any other day, I would have regaled you with tales of taking the new-to-me Webley out to the range and told you about how (hopefully) well it shoots and shown you cute pictures of targets and whatnot else.

If this were any other day. But today is today, and this morning, I woke up barely able to move the whole of my right hand without not-insubstantial amounts of pain. I have no idea what I did to piss off my thrice bedamned pinkie, but maybe it heard about the doctor’s appointments I have next week and is threatening to hold my entire hand hostage if I try to do something stupid, like, y’know, fix it. While recoil therapy would unquestionably be good for my psyche, I doubt the tendons in my hand would concur.

I have an appointment with the hand folks at Jewish Hospital (I swear that is actually their name) and another with their counterparts at Vanderbilt, so I guess we will see what they have to say. In the end, nearly everything I do – my job, this weblog, shooting, gaming, making crappy-assed walking sticks, karate, whatever – involves my hands, so I am starting to get a touch concerned.

I hate posts designed to induce the audience to feel bad for the author; kindly excuse me while I go curl up with a bottle of ibuprofen. Or gin. Or both.

(* – Reasonable is a relative concept. Back in ’09, I paid $0.25 a round for 115gr FMJ 9mm. Today, if you can find it, you will be paying at least $0.50 a round. I have no idea what .38 S&W went for back then, but, these days, $0.35 a round is damned near a steal.)

12 comments to the world’s tiniest violin

  • Rats. I’d say just whack it off and start over, myself.

  • Please place your new revolver in a box, along with your ammo. Ship them all to my address. I will be happy to shoot all your ammo and tell you whether or not your gun is satisfactory.

    Your pinkie will thank you.

  • James

    Thanks much for your recent in-depth Webley blog. As others have said, it was done well.

    Webley isn’t causing you pain. You’ve accumulated that injury elsewhere. BTW, my brother is an ER doctor in your metropolis and he would mock you for suggest so. Heal well and soon.

  • Ted N

    Sorry about the pinkie, hope the docs figure out something this time. If you want, you can add me to the list of volunteers to test the Webly. 😀

    Unrelated, but, I can get on from South Camp, Egypt. Yay!

  • David W.

    Sorry about the finger… But maybe this will interest you. This is easily the coolest way to carry a Webley.


    Something to think about while you’re out of action.

  • I too will be happy to test fire the webley for you, in lieu of that may I suggest strapping your strong hand down and working on your off hand skills?

  • Volfram

    GarandGal has a good idea. There’s basically no downside to having some off-hand skill. I’ve also found that in some cases, I shoot pistols better straight-arm stance than Weaver stance.

  • Sorry to hear about the pinkie. Pain in the extremities is the worst.

    The orthos and such at Jewish are top notch. Good luck!

  • Faitmaker

    Lucky you. Aim Surplus, who as you know is about 25 miles from me, can’t seem to keep anything stocked for more than two hrs. I’ve had a number of co-workers go to buy something in stock and it be gone before they get through the checkout.

    2 hrs is the life expectancy of most things they get in. They sold a TRAILER of ammo in under two hrs. I believe it was .223 or 7.62x54r.

    Oh… and how ya doin Linoge old pal? Other than the hand thing… that’s gotta suck. I have a heel spur. Totally not a fan of that.

  • Faitmaker

    Crap.. Forgot the notify flag. Excuse the second post.

  • redleg

    you need to start reloading if you want to shoot rare calibers

    Right now I reload for 11 pistol and 13 rifle calibers– with my new daughter in mind I have finally gone to a Hornady progressive for the 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and 5.56. Oddball calibers like 6.5 MS, 7.5 MAS, 7.7 Jap, 7.63 Mauser, .32 ACP, 9×18 Mak, 303 British would be unshootable for fun if I had to buy the ammo or rely on corrosive surplus. I rely on corrosive surplus but reloading makes real sense for pistol calibers especially if you stockpile in bulk– I reload 9×19 for 5 bucks for a box of 100 and .30-06 for .12 a round– but you have to stockpile when the prices were low. Reloading for 24 years now does it for me.

  • @ bluesun: Unfortunately, even that would not really solve the problem. The pinkie and ring finger comprise the overwhelming majority of your grip strength, and, without either of them, you would be hard-pressed to control the recoil from a pistol.

    @ James: Actually, I know for absolute certain that shooting the Webley will cause me pain, thank you very kindly. Furthermore, I know exactly what my injury is – if you would bother following links, so would you – and if your brother is so awesome at his ER, maybe he would like to offer up some opinions?

    @ Ted N: Good to hear Egypt unblocked me.

    @ David W.: Spoke with the owner, who happens to work at Ares Gear these days. Raven Concealment made it when he was the Operations Manager there, and it was a one-off. They do not have a mold for it – they built it off his gun – and their wait time these days is positively absurd. I will figure something out, though.

    @ GarandGal: The topic has come up. Unfortunately, I have not been to the range in months now, and given the current price of doing so, I probably will not do so for some time yet. It is looking like my hand is going to be out of commission for at least three months, so allowances will have to be made.

    @ DaddyBear: We are not sure what we think of the Jewish Hospital doc… his opinion seems to differ radically with the opinions of the two other docs we have consulted, which pretty much leaves us back at square one.

    @ Faitmaker: In fairness, I somehow doubt there was a buying rush on .38 S&W.

    @ redleg: That topic has also come up. Apparently I also need to get into casting when it comes to the Webley.