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We all know that "gun control" does not work at its professed purpose – reducing crime and making people "safer". History has taught us this time and time again, and continues to teach it to us to this very day, but the invariable question is, "Why does ‘gun control’ not work?"

Well, we could go into to the sociopolitical ramifications of disarming the law-abiding segment of your population, the reality that criminals prefer defenseless prey, the amusement over fetishism being alive and well, the cold reality that, oddly enough, criminals do not obey laws, and countless other things… or I could just steal this comment from Archer:

The philosophy of “gun control” revolves around two primary assumptions:
a) That “average”, good, law-abiding people can’t be trusted to obey laws (therefore, they must be disarmed for their own safety); and
b) That criminals and the mentally ill can (the whole “Just One More Law” thing).
“Gun control” fails in practice because its primary assumptions are completely and utterly ridiculous.

*blink* That pretty much says it all, does it not?

And, unfortunately, it succinctly explains why anti-rights cultists and pro-rights activists will never see eye-to-eye. On the one hand, we are more than willing to allow law-abiding citizens to go throughout their days and lives with the absolute bare minimum of government intrusion or control because we trust those people, and we want criminals locked up appropriately because they have demonstrated they are not trustworthy. On the other hand, "gun control" extremists seem to believe that the entirety of the human race is untrustworthy on account of the misbehavior of a miniscule fraction of the whole, but subvert – or perhaps perpetuate – that belief by supporting and implementing policies that only serve to facilitate and encourage that aforementioned miniscule fraction.

With starting positions like that, there will likely never be common ground to reach… not that "compromising" with those who militantly desire to strip us of our Constitutionally-protected human rights is terribly high on my priority list to begin with.

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  1. That goes along with the “everyone commits three felonies a day” legal system.

    If felons can’t own guns and everyone commits felonies then MY GOD you have to get those guns out of people hands now!

  2. @ Alan:
    WOW Alan i have an Order Vacating my Judgement for my Class 2 Class A felony for conspiracy to sell dangerous drugs & Transport and a CWP from the Department of Public Safety why shouldn’t i have a weapon

  3. Huh.

    That pretty much sums up what MUST be on the minds of anyone who thinks gun control would actually work. That they actually believe it pretty much sums up how stupid Liberals in general are.

  4. @ Alan: As I keep saying, Ayn Rand was right, at least about this – a government cannot control a law-abiding citizen, so make everyone criminals.

    @ Jody Sowders: I understand textual communication makes it difficult to tell sometimes, but I think it is fair to say that Alan was being completely facetious, and merely repeating what the end-game of the “gun control” extremists would be.

    @ Volfram: Cannot remember who first said it, but I am really starting to agree with the notion that anyone who supports “gun control” is stupid or evil, or both.

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