hava fundraiser, brownells is awesome

So regular readers will know that I have been harassing various companies to try and drum up some giveaways for the impending Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I will be kicking off on the 15th (mark your calendars appropriately!).  One of those companies was, of course, Brownells, and my email to them was directed over to the inimitable Larry Weeks, who I first met at the one-and-only Gun Blogger Rendezvous I have attended. 

He asked what I was thinking about in terms of things they could donate, and I provided my default answer of “whatever you can spare”, but then thought about the situation a bit more and realized that with all of the ammunition and firearm and magazine buying sprees going on, new firearm owners may be neglecting the other details – cleaning, maintenance, personal protective equipment.  Larry said he could work with that, and said I would be receiving a box. 

Well, yesterday, the box – a mongo one at that – arrived, and I now have not one, but two Brownells/Otis Elite Cleaning Kits and a pair of Brownells Pro Series Hearing Protection to give away. 


I do not think a firearm is made that the Otis kit cannot clean – and it literally comes with everything you will need… brushes, wire pulls, cotton patches, etc. – and the earmuffs provide active hearing protection with a noise reduction rating of 26, letting you still hear range commands without damaging your eardrums. 

I think I am now officially jealous of all you folks. 

As I said, the shindig starts on the 15th of this month, and while the rules will be changing a touch from last year, they should be familiar to everyone (since I am more-or-less stealing them from OldNFO).  We raised over $2300 for Soldiers’ Angels last year – think we can beat that?