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6 comments to hava fundraiser and "that’s not a knife"

  • Volfram

    That is one sexy knife. Now I wish I had the available funds to donate.

    After 3 folding knives have fallen apart from being carried around, I decided I’d go with a fixed-blade design, myself.

  • Heath

    This HAVA Baconmaker is actually a semi custom knife from Johnson Adventure Blades and KaBar. The grips are a custom option, made in collaboration with TGG Inc out of Post Falls Idaho.

    Steve, from Johnson Adventure Blades, and Don from TGG INC. have been awesome supporters of HAVA over the years, and the effort they put forth in this knife is just another indication of their commitment to those who have given so much in defense of our Nation.

  • @ Volfram: The thing is a beast, and will serve pretty much anyone well.

    I have converted to fixed blades if only for the ease of deployment, especially since I have started carrying them on my non-dominant side.

    @ Heath: Thanks for the update! Guess I should have asked more questions before posting… 😉

  • Having worked as a USDA/APHIS brucellosis inspector at a hog-slaughtering plant IN THE STICK PIT, I can validate that knife certainly IS a pigsticker.

  • Wow. You are a lot more hardcore than I could ever hope to be :). Lord knows from my limited messing around with it that it could make short work… of, well, whatever you needed to cut. That kind of curve in the blade seems to make anything easy.