“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed.”
by Noah Webster




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hava fundraiser and endo apparel

By now, everyone who reads this site should be familiar with Everyday, No Days Off, and if you are not already reading his site, you are doing yourself a rather significant disservice. Likewise, regular readers should be aware that ENDO has his own apparel line, given that I have only posted about them a few times, and even worn one of the shirts in my famous-on-the-internet video:

Well, being the awesome guy he is, ENDO has tossed in two $25 gift certificates to his apparel shop – exactly the amount you will need to snag one of his shirts – for the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I am running. For now, they have been added to the "Gunny Gamer" and the now-very-appropriately-named "Carrying in Style" packages; in other words, instead of spending $25 on the shirts themselves (which is something you should totally do if you want a guaranteed one), you could donate it to HAVA and possibly win one of those packages, not only getting the shirt in the deal anywise, but some other shiny goodies in the process.

And now I would like to thank Erin Palette, Brick O’Lore, and Bob S. for all linking to the fundraiser. This shindig only succeeds through you all’s help and support; sure, I put it together and harassed contacted companies to get some honestly awesome prizes for the giveaway side of the house (and so did Skas, for that matter – more on those in the coming days), but without you all spreading the word and letting everyone know about the fundraiser, the real goal – money in HAVA‘s coffers – would never be achieved. Thanks for that support.

Speaking of thanking people for their support, though, I would like to extend additional thanks to our anonymous fund matcher – he originally said he would match up to the first $100 raised for HAVA, but today, he decided he would go ahead and match the first $250!  Sometimes, I do love our community. 

2 comments to hava fundraiser and endo apparel

  • Derek D.

    Just checked out endo’s site. Would love to drop some coin there, but alas they don’t make clothes for the larger fatties such as yours truly. Bummer.

    Those sbs’d Saigas are a hoot, aren’t they? My buddy has one. 10 rounds per magazine, fits in a small backpack.

    Hope the fundraiser is going well!

  • That may be more a function of American Apparel – the company who makes the blanks he uses – not making sizes for the fatties amongst us, which, given their apparent target demographic, does make a certain degree of sense. Sorry about that.

    And SBS Saigas are unquestionably awesome :). Bit expensive to build, and annoyingly expensive to feed these days, but definitely a hoot to shoot.