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hava fundraiser and boomershoot

I promised you more prizes for the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser, and here is the first addition:

Thanks to the generosity of Joe Huffman, I will be able to give away "one free Boomershoot entry including Friday and Saturday High Intensity events, Saturday dinner, and Sunday long range event. Applicable only to new entries for Boomershoot 2013 or Boomershoot 2014."

How awesome is that?

For those unfamiliar with Boomershoot, the concept is pretty simple: explosive targets at long range. We all know that shooting stuff is fun, but shooting stuff that explodes? Well, that just goes back to the visceral satisfaction perhaps best expressed by, "Jamie want big boom." The "High Intensity" events involve shooting the same explosive targets from distances that have been described as "entertainingly close" (eye protection is required), and the long range event is the core shooting event.

Additionally, if you are like me and the longest range you have ever engaged a target at is 100 yards or so (targets at Boomershoot range from 375 to 700 yards), there is also a precision rifle training clinic you can attend, though you will need to work out the specifics of and payment for that with Joe.

You will need to provide your own rifle and ammunition (both hopefully capable of whacking 8" square targets at range), transportation, accommodation, and so forth, but free explody things. What else do you want?

Oh, and there are other prizes still in the works or already added to the list, but I figure they are worth separate posts of their own… helps drive up interest and all that.

And speaking of interest, I would like to thank Borepatch, Evyl Robot, Jake, Jay G., and Jennifer for posting about and linking to the fundraiser (if I missed you, please let me know). We all know the economy is rough these days, and how many worthy organizations out there deserve our money and outright need it to work to protect our rights, so I get the feeling I am going to have to work pretty hard to meet my goal.

4 comments to hava fundraiser and boomershoot

  • So… are *YOU* going to Boomershoot? :)

  • This year? Unfortunately, no. We have prior engagements for that weekend, and I still have no hardware capable of reliably reaching out that far. If I keep saying, “Maybe one day,” enough, it might come true…

  • DC

    FWIW, I’ve attended Boomershoot twice. The first time, I took the precision rifle clinic, and IMHO, it’s the best you can get for the money. Taught by current and former US Army sniper instructors and F-class shooters, it’s thorough, has plenty of one-on-one interaction with the instructors, and yes, you DO shoot at long range a lot. Gene Econ, US Army (retired now, I think) runs the instructor cadre and man, he KNOWS how to teach the clinic. Joe Huffman and all his staff go to a lot of trouble to put on this premier event, and it is way fun.

    Highly recommend Boomershoot for rifle shooters — go for the class, stay for the fun of the boomers!

  • Trust me, if I could find/make the time/money necessary to go, I would… But between scheduling it around work or other prior commitments, actually having the vacation time, bothering to procure something that can reliably reach out that far, and taking the time (and, these days, ammunition) necessary to get accurate with it… yeah, it just has not happened yet, and may not for a time.

    But, yeah, everything I have ever heard about both the event and the training has invariably been positive :).