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the tsa does not care about your health

This is me, not being surprised:

The Transportation Security Administration has been quietly removing its X-ray body scanners from major airports over the last few weeks and replacing them with machines that radiation experts believe are safer.

I have only been harping on this for about two years now, but, hey, giving two years’ worth of airline passengers an increased chance of cancer is no big deal, right?

Oh, wait, the Thousands of Sexual Assaulters still does not give a damn about you as a human being:

The TSA says it made the decision not because of safety concerns but to speed up checkpoints at busier airports.

Yes, there are obviously no safety concerns for devices that have no safe exposure level and may be causing cancer in your own employees.

Good grief.

It is a flat-out lie to claim that the Thousands of Sexual Assaulters were originally installed in their position of authoritarian power for our protection, or even to claim that they continue to operate for our safety – they are wasting millions of dollars a year, they have never once stopped a terrorist from boarding an aircraft, and now they are willfully and maliciously continuing to unnecessarily expose airline travelers to ionizing radiation when better alternatives are available to them (the best being disbanding the entire disgusting "agency" and incarcerating most of its management and staff for violations of 18 USC § 242).

3 comments to the tsa does not care about your health

  • May be causing cancer in the TSA?

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of.. whatever they are.

  • Agreed, but, unfortunately, it would appear as though the worst exposure to the ionizing radiation put off by these machines is actually directly above them. I do not know who occupies the offices over security checkpoints, but they may not necessarily be TSA scum.

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