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the slippery slope of gun control – my take

The “slippery slope” argument is often shrugged off as nonsense by anti rights extremists. 
These true believers would have you think that should we take their prescribed, failed (pdf warning) policies that the world would be cleansed of evil and they would ask for no further infringement of your constitutionally protected, creator endowed, natural rights.
Their argument is that if you follow their “common sense” gun control measures that we will see a decrease in crime. In the land of unicorns and rainbows this sounds wonderful, but unfortunately the real world is a dangerous place and their proposed measures (after being tested) have been found lacking.
As such, it is now “common sense” to further infringe upon the rights of law abiding Americans by banning boxes with springs that hold more than seven pieces of lead. This not only continues failed policies, but is an undue burden on law abiding citizens. This new law all but bans almost any pistol designed after 1912 as there are no commercially available magazines fewer than 10 rounds available. This also applies to almost all magazine fed rifles in America (including the venerable 10/22) for the same reason.
Please do not tell me there is no slippery slope whilst simultaneously expanding the scope of existing restrictions on a protected right.  Our president has recently called for the renewal of the assault weapons ban and standard capacity magazine restrictions. Do not yield an inch. We must not allow ourselves to be backed onto the slippery slope and lose the gains we have made in the recent past.
Please, I urge you to call your elected officials at both the state and federal level.  Tell them you will not be scapegoated.
I implore you, if you care for your creator derived rights, do not give an inch.

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6 comments to the slippery slope of gun control – my take

  • JP

    Make no mistake about gun control. It’s not about the gun. It’s not about the kids. It’s not about saving lives. It’s about control.

    Once that snowball starts rolling downhill, it’s hard to stop it. Every time a new piece of gun control legislation is introduced, it’s worse than the last one. Slippery slope indeed.

  • The slippery slope argument is only a fallacy when it’s not true. Gun grabbers have acknowledged repeatedly that the ultimate goal is to ban legal ownership of all guns in the US.

    Compromise on guns just gets them the next step toward that goal and nothing for gun owners.

    It’s past time to end the compromising and roll back what we’ve lost.

  • Skas

    JP, you’re right. It is ultimately about the control. We can’t give an inch, not now.

    Alan, I had a colleague try to explain yesterday that going from no limit to 10 to 7 in NY state wasn’t the slippery slope because they could have gone straight to 7. O.o I don’t know what’s more slippery than what law abiding New Yorkers are dealing with.

  • Pyrotek85

    @ Alan:

    It’s very rarely an actual compromise either, usually just a “we’ll take less from you than we originally wanted”, not where we get something repealed or a favorable law passed.

  • And you bring to mind another facet of the slippery slope – when “gun control” fails, and it invariably does (with Sandy Hook as a perfect example) – the immediate hue and cry is… you guessed it, more “gun control”. Which will then fail, then lead to more of itself, and you have a positive feedback loop ending at the predictable destination.

  • MAJMike

    I’m glad that there appears to be a growing realization that “gun control” is not about safety, or the children, etc. Gun control is all about control, period.

    I taught in my History classes that the Second Amendment was all about citizen resistance to an abusive government, not hunting. I hammered that theme over and over and I think I made an impression. Not all of my collegues were pleased with this approach.

    Remember, kids, politicians prefer to deal with unarmed peasants.