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so you want to assemble your own 10/22, the parts list

Today on Twitter someone asked for a more-consolidated list of all the various parts I used to build the Frankten-22 that performed so well at the Appleseed event I attended. 

Here we go: 

The grand total comes to $761, but note those are ‘sticker’ prices at their various sites; I used a $10 off coupon code for the receiver, waited until Brownells was running a sale, and have a Curio and Relic license which gives me a further discount at Brownells, and I only paid about $650ish.  Just to put that in perspective, C&R licenses cost $30 for three years; think about it. 

With those parts, and a hell of a lot of elbow grease (more on that in future posts), you can assemble this rifle (minus the scope, rings, sling, and sling loops): 


…Which shot this grouping at 25 yards: 


…With my lame ass behind it. 

I dare say that is pretty good for something I put together on my dining room table. 

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