SIRT Unboxing

I placed an order in late December for a few products from Next Level Training. An AR bolt (green), a SIRT performer pro 110 pistol (green/red), and a weighted training magazine.


After almost a month waiting, they’ve arrived! Here they are as I opened the box from USPS. The bolt doesn’t quite look like it’ll drop in, so I’ll save that for later. The pistol seems good so far, I’m looking forward to training with it. ┬áThere is a training DVD included that I’ll try to watch before the weekend when I hope to write an actual review.





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5 thoughts on “SIRT Unboxing”

  1. I might have to pick up one of these pistols. Seeing as the price of ammo isn’t coming down anytime soon this looks better every day.

  2. Do you find that the fit of the magazine in the well is rather loose? Mine is, enough so to be distracting. Trying to figure out something to fix that without wrapping tape around it, or doing something equally stupid/ugly.

  3. @Derek – That was a large part of why I picked these up. Sometimes vanilla dry fire gets boring, so I figured the lasers might help make things more interesting.

    @The Freeholder – It is a little loose, but not unbearably so (for me). Have you pinged them to see if yours isn’t up to spec? I could see that being quite frustrating.

  4. Uh, sure. But some of those rigs cost as much as a new firearm. Practice with my Ruger Mk II Bull Barrel really sharpens up my skills with the HK, XD, and Glock 19. But, hey, its your money and I like toys too.

  5. MAJMike, I get the cost being a concern. It’s certainly not cheap. I factored a number of things into my purchasing decision (most of which work out to dollars in one way or another):
    – Time (it takes me 30+ minutes [each way] to get to the nearest range from me)
    – Ammo cost (even though I shoot pea-shooter 9mm [or whatever derogatory term we’re using for 9mm these days)
    – Ammo availability (can’t always find 9mm or even 22 and I don’t want to cut too far into my stash)
    – Cost of a dedicated 22LR pistol (or 22 conversion for my G17s)
    – Time [part 2] – I’m a relatively younger guy with kids and this seems solid enough to last a long time. When you amortize the cost, it’s really not that bad.

    I won’t disagree with you that it’s a toy, but I think it’s a toy with huge potential as a training tool with proper use and motivation.

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