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possibly fake but definitely accurate

By now, most of my readers have probably seen this image, along with the various other ones floating around all branded with the Brady Campaign’s logo:


Said image’s text reading, "A rape can last 30 seconds but a murder lasts for ever. Guns are not the answer." For the Googles.

And, like most of my readers, I saw the image and immediately dismissed it as a parody – oh, to be certain, the image more than captures the mentality and arguments of those who would strip law-abiding women of their Constitutionally-protected right to self-defense, but I did not figure that the Brady Campaign would be that mind-bogglingly idiotic.

It appears I might have been wrong. Might.

By way of ExurbanKevin, I bring you this photograph of a monitor apparently showing the above image posted on the Brady Campaign Facebook page by the Brady Campaign Facebook account itself:


Likewise, this screenshot is floating around out there as well:


Are those real? Honestly, I have no idea. Snopes, of course, has ranked the image as "Fake", but the only proof they offer is the Brady Campaign stating they "did not post that ad and have no affiliation with it". While I am loath to succumb to a genetic fallacy, the Brady Campaign is a known, inveterate liar with a documented history of scrubbing inconvenient slip-ups from their web presence, so I am somewhat disinclined to take them at their word.

Is the ad an actual Brady Campaign product? Did they really post it on their Facebook page? We will probably never know for absolute certain. But what is for certain is that graphic completely sums up the arguments and positions of your average anti-rights cultist quite plainly – "do not defend yourself, just give the criminal what he wants".

Hell with that.

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  • I think /k/ is actually responsible for creating the posters.
    There was a thread (no longer viewable)on /k/ where they said “We started making fake brady campaign posters to get them mixed in with the real ones. Then we decided to post them on facebook, but…”

  • Running that second screen thru the same image analyzer I used before, and it came back clean. No obvious image doctoring. IMO (and I took pictures for a living for 10 years), both screens are real.

  • Pyrotek85

    Nyanman wrote:

    I think /k/ is actually responsible for creating the posters.
    There was a thread (no longer viewable)on /k/ where they said “We started making fake brady campaign posters to get them mixed in with the real ones. Then we decided to post them on facebook, but…”

    The sad part is we can’t readily tell which are fake, so mission accomplished?

  • For me it’s enough to know that their reputation has suffered to the point that even non-gun people would question whether it’s real or not instead of automatically assuming a fake.

  • the dude

    ^Yeah, /k/ is responsible for this. That was a glorious day.
    Incidentally, I noticed that gun prices went up a bit that day too. Doubt there was any correlation, but then again I saw EVERY city cop on the freeway and people pulled over (who didn’t need to) on Dec. 21. That wasn’t the end of the world either, but eerie as hell.

  • Let me fix that, to match more closely the reality of the Brady-cognitive folks:

    A rape can last 30 seconds, but an eyewitness lasts as long as she lives.

    Give the rapist what he wants, and trust that he’ll let you live.


    Fortunately, a woman who is stabbed or strangled to death by a rapist can die knowing that she wasn’t a Gun Death. That makes her somehow less dead than her rapist might have been, had she shot him. Besides, had she shot and killed her would-be rapist, the Brady folks would commemorate his Gun Death with a candle….


  • @ Nyanman: So I track that right up to the posters being posted on the Brady Campaign’s webpage by the Brady Campaign’s account. Did that actually happen, or are the screencaps / pictures of that entirely fake?

    @ Derek D.: That page seems to have up and vanished, and I am fairly sure it was entirely a parody.

    @ ExurbanKevin: So I honestly have no idea what that tool was trying to tell me, other than it really did not like red colors on white backgrounds. I will take you at your word, though :).

    @ Pyrotek85: They parody themselves so damned often, how can you blame folks?

    @ Thirdpower: Bingo. When your credibility is so sufficiently shot that people have to stop and think about whether or not something that heinously despicable is actually your product or not, your days as a public advocacy organization are well and truly – and rightfully – numbers.

    @ the dude: Which part are they claiming? Still wondering how the posters ended up on the Brady’s page.

    @ AuricTech: Hoo, boy, the whackadoodles at CSGV got so pissed when I observed that, by lighting candles for all “gun violence” victims, they were commemorating criminals shot down in the commission of their crimes.

    Good days ;).

  • rhostadt

    The fact that we can’t ask ourselves, “Would the Brady Campaign every run an ad like that?” and come up with a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ tells me everything I need to know. Especially since the one sentence summary of their whole stance amounts to, “Tyranny only lasts a life time, but a murder lasts forever. Self-defense is not the answer.”

  • I’m posting two screen shots analysis for comparison purposes the first is my facebook page, the second is the screenshot of the alleged Brady Campaign page. The ELA and the metadata match so I am inclined to say the screenshot has a high probability of being real.

  • Red colors = differences in JPG compression ratios = photo fakery. The red colors on the images are caused by jpg artifacts, and they show up on the screen shots around the text on the images because that text was added into the image. If the rape photo had been overlaid into the Brady’s timeline in Photoshop, it would use a slightly different JPG compression than the screenshot it was placed on.

    But that doesn’t show up. All black = all the same JPG compression = all taken at the same time.

  • My thoughts went like this:
    Ha, funny.
    Probably fake….i hope.
    30 seconds? why would you still include foreplay and cuddling afterwards?

  • Volfram

    @ ExurbanKevin: I hate when people try to store pictures with red text as .jpg images. Red uses fewer bits than blue or green in .jpg compression, which means it ALWAYS ends up slightly blurry, and looks awful as a result.

    If you have red in your image, you should use .png or .gif instead.
    (you already knew that of course.)

  • @ rhostadt: As someone far wiser than the both of us once said, “Imagine a boot grinding a man’s face into the ground… forever.”

    @ SteveG: Unfortunately, both of those go to the same page, which might have something to do with the site’s dynamic linking structure :(.

    @ ExurbanKevin: I was more referring to the fact that the image editor detector doohicky always seemed to outline red text/images in red once you ran it through the processor, but Volfram seems to have answered the “why” of that.

    Given that explanation, though, I would have to agree with you – the screencap appears unedited. The Brady Campaign really did post that on their Facebook page.

    @ dave w: Perhaps not the best response ever.

    @ Volfram: Now that I did not know, but it answers some questions I had…

  • @ Linoge:
    Interesting, my gf was not amused either and she is used to my twisted humor.

    It can’t be a coincidence. There must be a causal link I’m missing

  • Or I linked the same site twice, here’s the fixed link.

  • Volfram

    @ Linoge: I was hoping it would be news to somebody. Glad you found it informative.

  • @ dave w: I think I will let her handle that one.

    @ SteveG: Or that :). In that case, I concur completely – given the original Facebook image compared against the screencap above, I dare say the latter is real.

    @ Volfram: Always wondered why red looked like crap in JPGs…