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patch update

By my count, including my 10 (which is a variable number), we are up to 53 patches ordered (at least as of this posting).  This means that all patches will cost $6 each; if we can make it to 100 ordered, that will go down to $5 each. 

Given the price drop, if you want to increase your order, leave a comment here or at the previous post. 

Likewise, once we get closer, let me know if you need the other side of the velcro – the patches will come with hook-side installed on them, but I will probably get at least half with matching loop-side, since I know I do not have a whole lot of things with velcro pre-installed. 

And speaking of patches, like I said, these will be about 3” wide by 3.9” tall; this should not be a problem for most sleeve/chest/bag applications, but if you are thinking about putting them on hats, the largest loop-side patch I am aware of on ballcaps is 4” wide and 3” tall.  Personally, I will not mind if you mount the patch sideways, but that will have to be your call.  We could go smaller, but in looking at the stickers I have (same 3”x3.9” dimensions), I worry detail will be lost. 

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