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own a piece of the action

As with so many trade shows, my understanding is that there is not a lot of buying going on at SHOT Show; there is a lot of meeting with people who sell and purchase things, of course, but you generally cannot go in, fork over cash, and walk out with X item. 

Owen Martin, the proprietor of Snake Hound Machine, understands how frustrating it can be to the “want it now crowd” to happen across some new and exciting firearm or accessory and not be able to take it home with you, so he has actually put up one of his SHOT Show rifles for auction

snakehoundmachineThe Recon Lightweight Tactical Weapon (RLTW) is a lightweight AK with an enhanced leaf sight configuration and M4 stock.
The leaf sight has been enhanced with an outlined “V-notch” and fiber-optic front sight post to increase visibility and decrease target acquisition time.
Components are as follows:
Snake Hound Machine Receiver
Snake Hound Machine Combat Trigger
14.75” Snake Hound Machine Barrel
Pinned and welded Ares Armor Effin-A compensator
Nickel chrome plated axis pins, American made chrome silicon overpowered springs and buffer assembly, Hand fitted bolt and bolt carrier, Hand polished internals, Precision headspaced chamber, Oversized milled trigger guard
Tromix Extended Charging Handle
Enhanced Safety with BHO (not shown)
Vltor AK Stock Adapter
Mission First Battlelink Stock and Riser
Mission First EPG47 Grip, Custom Titanium Cerakote
Mission First Tekko Forearm
Enhanced V-Notch Leaf sight, Fiber-Optic Front Sight Post, Combination Front Sight Gas Block

Go to the show, check it out, and if you want (and have the scratch), have it sent to your place (by way of your FFL, of course), rather than his, afterwards. 

Alternatively, if that is not your speed, he has updated his site and now is selling accessories and firearms (again, through your appropriate FFL), though move fast on the latter – he is only doing 75 firearm builds this year, and the demand for American-made AK-pattern rifles is probably not going down any time soon. 

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