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my, what an interesting coincidence

And regular readers know how much I love coincidences.

Yesterday afternoon, I received this comment from Robert Farago:


This morning, I received this now-deleted comment from "Daedalus":


The comment has been deleted because that black block is covering up personal information, and, by and large, I do not permit that kind of information to be posted on this site. I attempted to email "Daedalus" here and inform him of that policy, when, lo and behold, GMail gave me this error:


Absolutely shocking, I know.

So where am I going with all of this? Well, take a look at the first two emails; see anything… similar?

The IP address:, for both of them. That IP address (in fact, that whole IP block), unsurprisingly, resolves to the Venetian Resort, Hotel, and Casino, which is the hotel connected to the Sands Expo and Convention center, where the SHOT Show was held this year; both establishments are owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

Obviously, I cannot authoritatively state that Robert Farago is Daedalus – I have no idea how the wireless access points at the Venetian are configured, it is entirely likely that all wireless customers connecting to those WAPs all show the same external IP, and I can easily think of at least two other entities at SHOT show who would happily express similar sentiments given the promise of anonymity (and one in particular who seems to enjoy outing gunbloggers) – but it is an interesting coincidence, is it not?

[Update] Recent events have shown me I might be wrong about my SHOT Show anonymous coward. Indeed, it is probably going to turn out to be one of the other folks I suspected, unsurprisingly enough. [/Update]

5 comments to my, what an interesting coincidence

  • Matt in FL

    Given your history with RF, I think it’s likely you’re reading too much into it. Yes it’s a coincidence, but I don’t find it very interesting.

    (Full disclosure: I read TTAG and very actively comment there. I also read here (and several other places) very consistently, but don’t comment nearly as often.)

    I wouldn’t think twice about duplicate IPs from two (supposedly different) people with the same interests (meaning they probably read the same blogs) who are in the same place at the same time, and I think that for me to come to the conclusion you’re implying, I’d have to really want it to be true.

    Are these the only two comments/emails you’ve received from people who are (or who are likely to) be at SHOT show within the past week? If not, do those other comments/emails have the same (or very, very close) IP?

  • In fact, those are the only two comments I have received from both that specific IP address, and that entire IP block. I would imagine most people have better things to do at SHOT Show than comment at my site. Hell, I would have better things to do.

    As I said, I can easily think of other people who would – and have – express(ed) similar sentiments, but this is what I have to go off of.

  • Shoulda been Icarus.
    Falling from the sky, and all…



  • @ Matt in FL:
    I’d say just the opposite, Matt. Farago has some personal issues with Linoge. The coincidence between the IPs and the behavior would be a pretty impressive coincidence.

  • @ guffaw: The last anonymous coward to express similar sentiments went with “praetor” – I am detecting a theme.

    @ Weer’d Beard: By the same token, another person we both know who writes about guns was at SHOT Show and has repeatedly tried “outing” me here in comments, despite my edits to remove the personal data. And the “little site” theme certainly is reminiscent of GunsAmerica’s idiocy.

    Like I said, an interesting coincidence, but nothing concrete.