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just looks strange

So there are lots of theories, regarding conspiracies and otherwise, racing around the internet regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary mass murder, even through today. Personally, I like to see evidence before making any serious conclusions of my own, but I did want to bring your attention to one video I found particularly… attention-grabbing.

Emilie Parker was one of the six-year-olds murdered that day in Newtown, Connecticut, and her father, Robbie Parker, participated in a brief news conference the day after the shootings. This video appears to be a recording of a television set showing that event, and, no, you do not need to watch all 5 minutes’ worth; the first 50 seconds is all we are really concerned with:

Now, I do not have children, so I cannot do anything more than imagine and guess… but for those of you who do have offspring, would you be able to carry on like that a day after your daughter was murdered by a rampaging lunatic? And, more specifically, could you throw a switch and go from laughing and smirking to almost-crying in around 15 seconds?

I sincerely despise the overwhelming majority of conspiracy theories out there – the rest can be amusing in a perverse kind of way – but some things look strange now matter how you tilt your head.

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  • The idea that the whole thing was faked is, to me, abhorrent. For one, its a lot more diabolical than I can give credence to. For another, one has to question the execution of such an act- of the number of people involved, there would eventually be someone who blew the act open. What I do suspect is that a person of influence could with a compliant media, greatly alter the perception to better fit the narrative. I am led to question, in some ways, the likelihood that an act of this magnitude could be created by an outside agency, with a few key players brought in to massage the effects. Of all the conspiracy footage, this short clip is, in fact, by far the most damning. If that man is real, he’s a sociopath.

  • SouthernKahrCarrier

    I can not fault that man for smiling the day after his child was killed. My brother died in an accident a decade ago, and there were times when my family would laugh, then cry within a few seconds. This was 1-3 days after he had died, while we were planning his funeral. Our hearts were heavy, and we simply could not believe he had died. Still, there would be a bit of levity while we talked, even my Mom and Dad would smile and laugh. Then the sorrow would hit us again. I think the full realization that my brother had died had not hit us. It seemed surreal. The fact is, we could not cry every moment. At some point we had to get a glass of water and make a sandwich. Then, we’d have to leave the house and get some groceries. My parents were devastated, but still managed a few smiles.
    This would be an impossibly complex thing to fake. 26 families, extended families, police, teachers, students that survived in that classroom, the other student in the school, and first responders. Obama was on record as being against handguns, Secretary of State Holder said we need to “brainwash” people about guns, and Frankenstien Feinstien is a twit. I’ve joined a second gun rights organization (and donated more), I’ve written my reps., and encouraged my gun owning co-workers to do the same. I am not concerned about a father that did not cry for 24 hours straight.

  • TL671

    @ SouthernKahrCarrier:
    Not everyone would have to be in on the plot. You would need whoever planned it, and a shooter, or two, or a shooter and a patsy. Never forget, our government has no compunction about killing children, and women. Or men for that matter, to further an agenda. They killed 76, mostly children, and women in Waco. They killed a child, and his mother, who had a baby in her arms, at Ruby Ridge. I can’t say for sure this was a false flag, but I sure as hell cannot deny it.

  • @ Wolfman: And that is part of the reason I hate conspiracies – once you get larger than two people, with one of them being dead, a conspiracy never lasts, and given the number of people necessarily to accomplish this little fait, it is just ludicrous.

    That said, the man’s behavior is… well… it speaks for itself.

    @ SouthernKahrCarrier: I am not demanding that the man grieve in a specific fashion; I am merely observing that him going from “laughing it up with the boys” to “sobbing father” right as the cameras went on him is a bit… convenient.

    The rest of the nonsense about the whole thing being faked is… well… nonsense.

    I do know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Feinstein and the rest of her merry band of jackals were just waiting – for years – for a situation like this to exploit, and they are unquestionably gleefully cavorting in the blood spilled. But that does not necessarily mean they fabricated it.

    @ TL671: I think SKC was referring more to the wilder theories that the children are still alive and the entire thing was a fabrication. That is just bugnutting insane. The notion that the government set up the shooter and sent him is only mostly insane.

  • ghostcat

    People who have not yet lost someone that they love have no concept of the emotional roller coaster that such a loss can inflict on people, uncontrollable tears can catch you at any time and you can go from laughing with a family member over a fond memory to a blubbering mass of protoplasm in the space of a heartbeat. Everyone deals with loss differently. Many people find that sharing humorous anecdotes and memories about the person they have lost can ease the pain. Others find solace in religious faith. While others find other coping strategies. Most often people find that multiple strategies are most effective. Having lost a young daughter 26 years ago, my father 35 years ago, my mother 7 years ago, and 5 months ago losing my oldest and dearest friend, my oldest brother, I found that the fond memories and religious faith was what helped me get through it. When discussing our departed loved ones I and my family members shed tears and shared laughter, often within seconds of each other, as we recounted fond memories. In other words Robbie Parkers actions are totally consistent with losing a loved one the day before.

    While I don’t know Robbie Parker personally I do know people who do know him well. These are people I trust implicitly. They have assured me that there is nothing fake about the Parker families terrible loss. Emilie was indeed murdered in the massacre. Far from being a sociopath Robbie Parker is a deeply religious man who has a deep and abiding faith in the Savior of mankind and the gift of life after death, as such he and his family view this as a temporary separation and that they will be reunited together as a family someday. Having been raised and living in the same faith (LDS) for all my life I know firsthand the comfort these beliefs can give when a loved one is lost. There indeed may have been a conspiracy but to imply that this family is not grieving because Robbie was laughing with family and friends one minute and consumed with grief the next is the height of callousness and displays unfamiliarity with the emotional trauma of death of a loved one and the effects that such trauma can bring.

  • Frankly, you may be exactly who you claim to be and know exactly what you claim to know, but given that you are all-too-eager to make your own assumptions and reduce yourself to name-calling all on account of someone honestly saying, “Well, that looks strange,”… well, I cannot bring myself to care too much.

  • Maybe the guy wasn’t that close to the kid but knew he had to play it up for the camera? Or maybe thats his way of dealing with stress, laugh (I knew a few folks like that). I don’t know. I do know that if the jack*ss who’s sending out those emails insisting its a conspiracy doesn’t stop spamming my email I’m going to be pissed (scratch that, I’m already pissed….). I did NOT sign up for whatever newsletter he thinks he’s ending out and there’s no unsubscribe option either….

  • Geodkyt

    Perfectly normal high stress grief response. I little unusual for some, but still within teh range of “normal”.

    Counterintuitive to think a loving father COULD act like that, but nevertheless it is true, and well documented, that some people just outwardly react like that.

    After all, his head’s f*cked up six ways from Sunday, and will be for a while. You could make a plausible case that someone going through that is temporarily insane those first few days in many cases.

  • I think this event really proved how horrible the media coverage today is. Horrible in two senses; on one hand they get a five year old and ask ‘how did you feel johnny when janes brains splattered all over your spongebob pencil case’ and in how they will report absolutely anything without even remotely trying to check anything in it. The plan seems to be lets throw enough words at the microphone and some of them will be right.

  • Rob Crawford

    @ dave w:

    Also, I hate to say, how badly most people are at CONSUMING the news. Breaking news is almost guaranteed to be wrong. Trusting first reports is bad. Trying to build a conspiracy theory off of the differences in first reports and later, more complete and considered information is just idiocy.

  • @ Ruth: You too? I started automatically marking them as spam, and, thankfully, GMail has gotten the hint. Hopefully the information will propagate to other accounts as well.

    @ Geodkyt: There is certainly a case to be made for temporary insanity… The timing, however, is just impeccable.

    @ dave w: Now that is the God’s Honest Truth – everyone is in such a damned hurry to be the first on the scene, or be the first to break the news, or the first to put up anything… that they do, in fact, put up anything, and we all probably suffer for it. I would rather “accurate” than “immediate”.

    @ Rob Crawford: Also that. For at least the first week information of any kind of incident like this is highly suspect… but, unfortunately, that just feeds the conspiracy theories. “They had time to cover it up!” or whatever the hell they are going on about.

  • JJ

    This was just one of the bizarre vids out there…. what about the Medical Examiner when he gave his interview?! Even more disturbing than this, although both got my hackles up…. This whole thing just doesn’t jive with me somehow….

  • @ Linoge:

    Actually whats funny, my desktop mail client marks them as “suspicious and possibly spam” without me having to do a thing…..and yes, its coming in via my gmail too. Which makes it weirder, I’d expect something like that to be due to my hanging around the gun bloggers which means that it OUGHT to be coming into my blog address since thats whats on the blog….

  • @ JJ: I have not seen that one yet.

    @ Ruth: Yeah, I have no idea how the idiot is getting the email addresses he has, but I also do not really know who is behind them.

  • I think I’m just relieved to discover I’m not the only one….

  • JJ

    Linoge…. here is a link…. interested in your take….


    Ir is the shortened vid, but if you search you can find the full length one… it is very bizarre to say the least… not real i am for sure….