“If I can stand, then I shall pass
Pass beyond this night of black”
by Bedlam Bards




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it is funny

From personal observation, more acutely honed from recent information, I have found it is always those who most loudly proclaim that they do not hold grudges who are always the ones to hold the most grudges for as long as they possibly can, and display those grudges in the most… pathetic of fashions.

I guess that goes along with the notion of if a man has to tell you he is honest, he probably is not.

Oh well; as someone wisely pointed out to me, I should not be surprised, but I cannot help but to pity some folks.

6 comments to it is funny

  • Monte

    I’m way too ADD to hold a grudge, though my ex is the exception to that rule. 😉

  • Renegade

    Two quotes I like on grudges:

    She would hold a grudge until it died of old age. Then she would have it stuffed and mounted.

    If I were a better person, I’d forget this incident and move on with my life. But I’m not.

    I do tend to resemble the second one. A lot.

  • Grudges need to be held long enough, that when you act on them you are not on the list of likely suspects.

  • @ Monte: That is not a grudge, that is a well-developed sense of self-preservation ;).

    @ Renegade: Me, I am just lazy. 🙂

    @ dave w: But, see, that requires not constantly bringing it up, lest the chain of evidence become too long ;).

  • Grudges are best served cold, with a garnish of aged spiderwebs.

  • Like I said, I am lazy. I just forget about people :). Which, given my Navy Brat history, is not hard.