hava fundraiser, more details

In just the few days since my last update, I have some more good news for you.

First, I will be giving away an Ally .22 Silencer from York Arms. All National Firearms Act rules and state laws apply, so you will have to pay the $200 tax stamp and fill out the paperwork, and if you live in a state that does not allow you to own such things, you are kind of out of luck. But for those folks who live in free-er America, this a user-disassembleable, 3.1 ounce, full-auto rated suppressor that usually retails for $275… that you could win for a $5 donation. I am actually a fair bit jealous of you all.

Second, Brownells will be supporting the giveaway side of the fundraiser; I do not have specifics yet, but, really, what from that store would you not want?

Third, Ranger Up! will also be generously throwing two t-shirts, of the winners’ choices, into the mix. I admit to being partial to The Purpose of the Constitution and Earn It, but you will get to decide for yourselves.

Fourth, another generous, anonymous donor has pledged to match all funds up to $200… and then his employer will match his donations. In other words, if you donate some of the first $100 to Honored American Veterans Afield, you will actually end up being part of a $400 total donation to that organization, thanks to this match and a previous one. If you are part of the second $100 of donations, the organization will actually receive $300. Where else can you triple and quadruple your money so easily?

Finally, I have concluded the HAVA fundraiser will start on the 15th of February and end on the 31st of March – that will give people time to tend to their Valentine’s Day plans on one end, and their taxes on the other; as I have been realizing, there does not seem to be an ideally "good" time for fundraisers any more.

Last year, you awesome folks raised over $2300 for Soldiers’ Angels; think we can beat it?