“A gun is worth a thousand pictures.”
by Doug Powers




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going out on a limb

By and large, the Secret Service does not publicize a great deal of information about assassination attempts on Presidents, probably because they do not want future would-be assassins to learn from the mistakes and successes of their predecessors, I would imagine. Some information (Wikipedia warning) does make it out to the press, of course, but I somehow doubt that is all the information, much less all the incidents.

With that said, I am going to go out on a limb and hypothesize – and this post is nothing but a wild-assed guess, based on absolutely nothing but my own imagination and a healthy dose of intuition – that within the next four years, there might be a highly-publicized, covered-from-every-angle, attention-grabbing, breaking-news kind of attempt on Our Glorious President’s life, or that of his lackey (which, actually, now that I think about it, seems more likely). I will further hypothesize that the attempt might be made with firearms, of the "evil black" variety.

There is no evidence whatsoever to support this suspicion of mine, I am entirely guessing, this post should not be construed – in any way – as a threat against anyone (Seriously, if I was planning on killing anyone, do you think I would be stupid enough to post about it online? Give me some credit.), and I will be quite happy to be proven wrong… but I guess we will see. I, for one, as a law-abiding American, am concerned for our President’s safety, and would hate for anything to happen to him. 

What? Everyone is thinking it – I am just saying it.

13 comments to going out on a limb

  • I agree. I sincerely hope no harm comes to him, but I do fear for his safety.

  • Stan

    Said perpetrator will likely kill himself or be shot while being apprehended. Of course there will be plenty of hateful tinfoil level crazy right wing material to be found in his home.

  • My theory was that Feinstein or another high-profile gun control pusher would get sacrificed by their own side. And they would try to blame the rest of us for it.

  • I put $1 on shot in first half of term and another $1 on ied in second half.

  • Bill

    If you think the riots upon the death of Martin Luther King were bad (and they were), imagine the carnage if America’s first black President were assassinated. I too sincerely hope for his continued safety.

  • LiquidFlorian

    I speculate that Feinstein had talk Dan White into shooting Harvey Milk back in the 70s, so I suppose something like that could happen again.

  • ed

    Orson Scott Card – Empire.

    Good book, in my opinion.

    Kinda sorta goes that way (ignore the silly science fiction tech, keep the rest, and it’s not comforting).

  • So we all are assuming some sort of psyops event against gun owners?

  • Best prediction of future conduct is the past conduct — such as “Fast and Furious”.

  • @ gator: I would go so far as to say one of the very last things I want is for any harm to befall, or attempt to befall, our President, but I am tremendously worried about the repercussions if such a thing were to come to pass.

    @ Stan: I will not venture to guess as to the specific details aside from “firearms” – such speculation might attract more attention than we both want :).

    @ Oleg Volk: The more I think about it, the more I believe that if I were Joe Biden (and since I am thinking about the situation, I obviously cannot be Joe Biden), I would be getting increasingly concerned about my future welfare. After all, he was never anything more than assassination insurance for Obama (who would want President Biden?), and everyone knows he is an albatross around the President’s neck… and now that President has handed him the reigns to the “commission” that will decide the future of “gun control” in the country.

    No one is going to like the outcome of that commission, and I dare say some people will be very vocal in their dislike… the kind of vocal that might make you wonder if they might express that dislike in a more… physical… nature.

    Biden may make more of an impact on “gun control” than he probably realizes.

    @ dave w: Again, possibly a bit more specific than I might get :).

    @ Bill: And that is exactly my primary concern – I would never want any kind of harm to befall our President, but I sincerely fear the harm that would befall our country if such a thing were to come to pass.

    @ LiquidFlorian: Cannot say as though I know a great deal about that.

    @ ed: Have not read that one yet… Need to get back into hardcore scifi.

    @ Terriligunn: I will not speculate as to whether such a thing would be a false-flag or a legitimate wingnut finally coming loose, but I do know this administration is not one to allow a crisis go to waste.

  • Linoge wrote:

    After all, he was never anything more than assassination insurance for Obama (who would want President Biden?)

    I used to think the same thing, but got to thinking: isn’t incompetent stupidity better (or at least less bad) for the country in the long run than outright destructive malice on the part of someone who is practically worshipped?

  • Stan

    Incompetent stupidity is ok in a congressmen, in someone who has the keys to a massive nuclear and conventional arsenal? Not so much.

    As to Joe Biden, are we really sure he doesn’t think about being Joe Biden at least sometimes? The guy is pretty narcissistic like his boss.

  • @ John Hardin: Depends on how your “bad” scale runs… And it depends on what kind of stupid we are talking about here. You will forgive me the brief reference to fiction, but consider Wheatley/GlaDOS.

    @ Stan: I am simply saying Biden does not think. Period. 🙂