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fair warning and good advice

Once again, I will not be attending SHOT Show (mostly because I will be saving up money for a significantly less exciting trip in the hopefully-near future), but those of you who are going should bear this in mind:

I just received some disturbing news about this year’s SHOT Show from a well respected member of the firearms industry. The mainstream media will be at the 2013 SHOT Show in force with the express purpose of furthering their anti-gun agenda.

(Emphasis in the original.)

If you are surprised by this, frankly, where have you been for the past month? SHOT Show is the first major, national firearm-related event immediately following the Newtown, CT shooting, and you can bet your very last bullet that every major news manufacturer (and I use that term intentionally) out there will be canvassing the convention looking for firearm owners to frame as the next Sandy Hook Murderer (name intentionally omitted). And, yes, that is exactly what they will be doing – they will not care about whatever facts, figures, or statistics you care to present, or how reasonable and level-headed you appear; they will only be looking at how best to portray you as a heavily-armed whackadoodle inches away from snapping.

So I concur with the advice of the folks at Great Satan, Inc.:

Here’s the best advice I’ve heard to counter this unwelcome infiltration: DON’T SPEAK TO THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA AT SHOT SHOW. My friend in the industry made some suggestions that I’d like to pass on – Be polite, and rather than say “no comment”, just tell them that you are busy and can’t talk right now. Do not forget that these people are not reasonable people and do not want a discussion. Please realize that despite your best efforts, there is no answer or statement you can give that can’t and won’t be used against all of us.

(Emphasis again in the original.)

I will not go so far as to say you should avoid everyone with a camera or notepad (and neither does GS,I, for that matter), since a huge number of my gunblogging brethren will be there with their hardware, but I would get in the habit of asking attempted interviewers who they are and who they represent before responding.

Try not to give the anti-rights cultists any more ammunition than they already have.

(And for those of you who are going, we are depending on you for copious quantities of pictures!)

16 comments to fair warning and good advice

  • Ugh, i wouldn’t go to shot show if you paid me. The only qualification to get into this “trade only” show is a youtube account as far as i can tell. The only guy who really excels at shot reviews is nutnfancy.

  • I prefer “Don’t speak to the mainstream media, EVER!” Especially on this issue. Unless you want to be the victim of a Zimmerman Edit.

  • Phssthpok

    I’ve been saying for th past few years that Babylon 5 has been eerily prescient. I cannot help bu think of the episode where Sherridan and D’elenn agree to an interview with ISN, which is then chopped and edited to have them giving barbaric answers to different questions than they were presented with.

  • MAJMike

    There is no debate. There is no “conversation”. The Lib-Cong have never modified their ultimate goal of disarming the citizenery. When they come to seize your firearms, resist, kill them and any who assist them. Therre is no other course of action.

  • @ dave w: I would go, especially if someone paid me. Mostly for the swag, secondarily for the cool toys I would get to fondle/photograph.

    @ Jake: It helps to remind folks about specific issues from time to time, but, no, I have absolutely no plans of talking to the mainstream media for any reason, ever.

    @ Phssthpok: You would be referring, I believe, to The Illusion of Truth – if the rest of you all have not watched it, it is well worth the $2 and 45 minutes, even if you know nothing else about the storyline… if only for this scene:

    @ MAJMike: Of course, announcing that ahead of time can not always be the best of ideas.

  • Praetor

    I would go, especially if someone paid me. Mostly for the swag, secondarily for the cool toys I would get to fondle/photograph.

    Yeah, that’s exactly what SHOT Show needs is another fucking tourist who has no business being there. Get some real traffic on your site, and then maybe you can get a media pass. Until then, stay home.

  • Oh noes! I have been trolled by a spineless coward who has neither a real email address nor an identifiable username nor anything even approximating a site of his own! Whatever shall I do?!

    Oh, right, tell the anonymous cur to piss off and not darken my doorstep again. Duh.

  • @ Praetor:
    Wow. Elitist a$$hole, much?

  • @ Linoge:
    I had forgotten how hilarious that scene was. And here I was with a mouthful of tasty adult beverage just after I hit play, too!

    *Invokes Phil, Prince of Insufficient Light* Dang you to Heck!

  • Spineless coward there is probably just a friend of GunsAmerica… which reminds me – that last patch is still unclaimed.

    I really need to re-watch B5, though… there was so much awesomeness contained therein.

  • Robert Farago

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  • No worries – I dare say none of us want you talking to the media, Robert.

  • Derek D.

    Linoge wrote:

    No worries – I dare say none of us want you talking to the media, Robert.

    Just wanted to inform you that I LOLed at your comment to Farago. Thanks.

    Now I’m going to watch that youtube clip of B5–never seen the show before.

    While I’m thinking about it, I hope your hand is doing better.

  • Derek D.

    Just watched the B5 clip–COMMANDER! sorry. LOL
    Made my night again. Thanks!

  • […] previously mentioned, I will unfortunately not be attending SHOT Show this year… however, as a recent anonymous coward reminded me, one of my Eastern Tennessee Monster Hunter International patches is still up for grabs […]

  • Heh, I do try.

    And B5 is straight-up awesome. If you ever have the opportunity to watch the entire series, I cannot recommend it enough. The writer pretty much had it plotted out before the first show ever aired, it was epic in its length and arc, and had flat-out amazing characters.

    Kind of Lord of the Rings meets King Arthur meets Star Trek meets Thomas Paine meets Lord knows what else.

    Hand is “in progress” – contacted a variety of surgeons last week, and sorting out which ones we want to visit for a second opinion.