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earn yourself some free swag

As previously mentioned, I will unfortunately not be attending SHOT Show this year… however, as a recent anonymous coward reminded me, one of my Eastern Tennessee Monster Hunter International patches is still up for grabs for those lucky folks who are going.  What do you have to do to earn this patch?  Simple: 

To all you lucky bastards going to SHOT Show this year, take heed!  I have a few Eastern TN Monster Hunter International patches left, and I will send one patch, free of charge, to the first two people to send me a picture of the following:  you, standing at the edge of the GunsAmerica booth (with their sign/logo visible/legible behind you), holding a sign/placard/piece of paper with “Don’t be a dick, Paul” legibly written upon it.  You can anonymize yourself however you like (I will be posting the pictures here), and be as creative with that as you like, but, hey, free patches!

As an intrepid reader showed us last year, this is not hard, but only one of the two patches was claimed last year, so here is your chance to snag the other. 

According to the SHOT Show map, is on the first floor in booth 1925, near LaserShot, SOG, CRKT, and Volquartsen, so it should not be hard to go out of your way and accomplish this…  And it will be all kinds of high-larious to remind Paul Helinski that the internet never forgets. 

In fact, I will sweeten the pot a little and throw in another patch… one you all have not seen yet, but one I promise you will like.  Probably.  Hopefully.  Whatever. 

In other news, H-S Precision is right next to the Second Amendment Foundation on the Second Floor… that has the promise of being positively epic… 

--Download earn yourself some free swag as PDF --

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