“Americans used to roar like lions for liberty; now we bleat like sheep for security.”
by Norman Vincent Peale




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don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’

There is hardly a day that goes by wherein I am not thankful for no longer having the misfortune of living in Kalifornistan; whether it is the price of gas, not having to pay for the CRV scam, or being able to own pretty much any firearm I desire, there is no shortage of good reasons not to live there. 

Amongst those reasons I can now count the fact that it would be almost impossible for me to resist the urge to write a very short letter to William Lansdowne, the Chief of Police for San Diego, where I once lived, with said letter consisting of scant more than, “Molon Labe, you statist prick”: 

Lansdowne has gone on record saying: “I could not be more supportive of the president for taking the position he has. I think it’s courageous with the politics involved in this process. [And] I think it’s going to eventually make the country safer.”

He made it clear that it may take “a generation,” but new laws could eventually take all guns off the streets.

I wonder who it is Chief Lansdowne thinks will be unjustly taking guns away from American citizens? 

I wonder how Chief Lansdowne thinks those American citizens will respond to their property being illicitly confiscated and their rights being atrociously trampled upon? 

I wonder if Chief Lansdowne is even remotely familiar with this crazy, old document known as the “Constitution”? 

If I were still a San Diego resident, I would consider starting a recall of Police Chief Lansdowne given he has publicly and openly abandoned the oath he took when first becoming a police officer, but on the one hand, he is no longer my problem, and on the other hand, most of the people in his jurisdiction probably agree with him. 

Which, after all, is the real problem. 

(Though, all that said, I appreciate Chief Lansdowne admitting that the end game of “gun control” is total and complete confiscation of all privately-owned firearms; this, after all, was always the goal, but so few of his ilk have the spine to actually admit it in public.  This, after all, is why the government wants a registry of some firearms – say “assault weapons” – and then some more firearms – say “high-powered sniper rifles” – and then…) 

5 comments to don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’

  • I think you’re too hard on the guy. I mean, look at the other countries that have instituted strict gun control – England, Australia, Chicago for instance – and here we are a generation later, and there are unicorns prancing in the streets. Give it time.

  • 1 sheriff VS a zillion that say otherwise. It is funny that his town is within easy 223 range of gunless Mexico, maybe the safe gun free vibes are crossing the border.

  • @ Fill Yer Hands: Srsly. The rainbows over there are AMAZING.

    @ dave w: I could almost make out the fence from my apartment complex. The fence that only extended inland about 10 miles.

  • As best I can tell, he’s taking a long-term view that doesn’t even require confiscation of firearms, at least not until the current generation of children in public indoctrination centers schools are properly brought up to believe that no private citizens should have such icky and inherently violent machines in their homes. Once a generation of children has been so indoctrinated, there is little need to confiscate firearms; the vast majority of citizens-turned-subjects would willingly hand over such evil-icky tools of evil to the omnibenevolent State. Meanwhile, many of those few bitterclingers who refused to hand over their tools of Liberty would find themselves denounced to the State by their well-indoctrinated children.

    As Prof Reynolds has observed, sending your children to public schools “seems like parental malpractice.”

  • Yeah, I am willing to bet that is the angle he is planning on taking – especially since he was talking on a generational scale – and at the rate our “education” system is going, he is not terribly wrong. Children are being punished for playing “cops and robbers” in the playground and for having “paper guns” in their pockets; schools are constantly building the paradigm that all firearms are evil in all circumstances, and some of that brainwashing has to be sticking.

    Just another argument for home schooling.