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coal creek armory gets new digs

… on the internet, that is.

Anywise, check out he new shininess here; I am not sure if it is an informational improvement, but at least it is prettier.

That said, Brick found something interesting – remember the concerns we had about CCA buying and attempting to operate a range/gun store right across the road from an already existing one? Seems those concerns were well-founded – the Coal Creek Armory Outpost is no longer a gun store, but a dedicated training facility, closed to the public.


2 comments to coal creek armory gets new digs

  • Ken Rhanek

    I know this isn’t the right place but I’m seeing ads for Cheaper than Dirt on your site. If you have any control you shouldn’t accept ads from Cheaper than Dirt. They raised prices to completely unreasonable levels. No one should ever buy anything from them again.

  • Please see the post immediately after this one.