“It's amazing how much 'mature wisdom' resembles being too tired.”
by Lazarus Long




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you know you would too

If I had the time and money – not only to build the fans but also deal with the inevitable arrests, prosecutions, and lawsuits – I would totally do this.

Of course, I still boggle at the cold reality that there are people who genuinely believe that wind turbines will not affect climate or winds. I will not say that thermodynamics was a particularly easy course, but the basic principle of "you cannot create or destroy energy" is pretty straight-forward and something even an elementary student could grasp; the fact that your average "environmentalist" refuses to acknowledge that small detail is somewhat concerning, to say the least.

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  • Catching up on your xkcd, are you?

  • dave w

    I think we are going to laugh at these wind turbine designs one day and wonder how we thought they were going to help. Kinda like the first car or other outlandish looking devices.
    I am still amazed that CA isnt going full tilt on desalination plant development instead of shipping water in that is never going to be renewed.

  • Sendarius

    I know why California isn’t heavily into de-salination – it takes power, and they already buy electricity from other states.

    I wish the .gov would get out of the way, and stop blocking nuclear power stations here.

    A base-line nuke, generating all the electricity we want, could be run at peak efficiency continuously with excess power going to the de-sal plant and the electrolysis unit generating H2 for transport use. Win-win-win.

  • dave w

    @ Sendarius:
    Oh, good point i forgot about that. Importing power and water, that cant be good long term.

  • LucusLoC

    While I agree with the logic, the truth is that we are only able to harness a tiny fraction of the energy from any weather front. Probably on the order of .0001% or less. Not a fraction that will do anything that we will notice. My problem with wind power is that it is economically stupid, unreliable and typically only available at off peak times. Most current “renewable” energy, after considering all factors like production, installation and maintenance, is a net loss from the energy market. That is the most stupid part to me. The greens never were big on reality.

  • @ bluesun: Catching up on old posts. This one sat in the buffer for a month or two. I figured I would put it in the queue while we were out of town :).

    @ dave w: I can see how wind turbines could help, but one cannot get something for nothing, and there is always going to be a downside. Perhaps not an immediate one, and perhaps not a measurable one, but we, as human beings, make impacts on the world around us, simply by living.

    @ Sendarius: Kalifornistan, as a whole, is a functionally lost cause. Sure, there are people like you and I who know better, but the overwhelming majority are frakking clueless, and will happily drive the country straight into the ground. Nevermind that they have ten nuclear reactors tied up off the West Coast at any given time; we just CANNOT have nuclear reactors providing civilian power. *sigh*

    @ LucusLoC: I will completely agree that we are only sucking a tiny, tiny fraction of the available energy out of the weather systems as they swing by, but apparently whatever we are doing is noticeable. I certainly will not make any claims as to how or why, but yeah.

    And God forbid greenies actually admit that their programs are net losses; people might catch on to reality!

  • dave w

    I think geothermal for everyone. I mean what could be wrong with cooling the molten core of the planet that provides the gravity to keep the atmosphere?

  • MAJMike

    Hah! Never considered the impact of wind farms on weather systems. Guesss that’s why I’m a History major and not an engineer.

  • @ dave w: Eh, cut to the chase – solar tap!

    @ MAJMike: All energy has to come from somewhere, which is yet another annoying fact that greenies like to omit.