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by Adolf Hitler


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who would give a 300-foot-tall battlebot to that ai?

I do not care how bad-ass your mecha are or how much the world’s continuing existence depends on someone using them to beat the everloving crap out of some oversize, extradimensional beings; if the assistant AI sounds like GlaDOS, I am NOT driving the bloody thing:

(Click through to see the video.)

And, yes, it really is Ellen McClain voicing the Jaegers’ control matrix; if there is not some joke about / reference to Portal in the movie, I am going to be very disappointed (cultural gaps like that in stories always annoy me… you can imagine how much everyone’s ignorance of the concept of ‘zombies’ gets on my nerves with The Walking Dead).

(Found by way of Lurking Rhythmically… and everyone else.)

8 comments to who would give a 300-foot-tall battlebot to that ai?

  • Matt in FL

    “…(cultural gaps like that in stories always annoy me… you can imagine how much everyone’s ignorance of the concept of ‘zombies’ gets on my nerves with The Walking Dead)…”

    Wow, talk about a blind spot. That never actually occurred to me. I’m going to have that in the back of mind when watching from now on. So thanks… I guess.


  • Pyrotek85

    @ Matt in FL:

    I’ve been wondering it the entire time. Sure, no doubt you’d come up with other nicknames if you were running from the things everyday, but I don’t think they’ve once referred to them as zombies when it’s the most obvious choice IMO.

  • Watch the movie, test subject.
    The robot can survive temperatures of 5000 degrees.

    Yeah, this can’t end well. Why is AI always evil, beyond being symbolic or what Hollywood is scared of?

  • the dude

    @Matt in FL and Pyrotek

    Unless I’m remembering wrong, I think in the Walking Dead comic they opt to call the zombies ‘walkers’ and something else (zombies either walk around or sit around waiting for anything in that universe). They essentially say “We’re not gonna call them ‘zombies'”.

    But yeah, culture gaps like that are irritating.

  • Pyrotek85

    @ the dude:

    Thanks, I was wondering if maybe there was a reason mentioned in the graphic novel (haven’t read them yet).

  • @ Matt in FL: Seriously. It only took them a full season to figure out you have to shoot zombies in the head. *headdesk*

    @ Stew: Damn skippy!

    @ Pyrotek85: It is less the naming that annoys me, and more the complete and utter lack of knowledge on how to deal with them…

    @ Nyanman: Well, in this case, I think the “evil” are the 300-foot-tall monsters crawling out of an interdimensional portal at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, but yeah.

    @ the dude: I have never read the graphic novels, but my understanding was that apparently in this ‘verse, George Romero and Haiti never existed, and neither did the concept of “zombies” at all. ‘Cause that makes sense.

  • Volfram

    Quite honestly, if I’m building a 300-foot tall war machine to combat gigantic monsters from beyond space and time, I’ll take the most psychotic, bloodthirsty AI I can get my hands on.

    GLaDOS: good
    Wheately: bad
    Yui Ikari: BEST
    (For those who haven’t spent entirely too much time studying Neon Genesis Evangelion, each Evangelion’s operating system is the soul of its pilot’s mother. In the case of Eva Unit 01, that would be Yui Ikari. She’s the reason it goes berserk and starts destroying EVERYTHING the moment Shinji’s life is in danger.)