“Comrades! We must abolish the cult of the individual decisively, once and for all.”
by Nikita Khrushchev




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the gun culture is dying. sure it is.

This recent Black Friday – the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving wherein Americans try to commercialize Christmas as hard and as fast as they can – apparently set a new all-time record for the number of NICS checks in America:


Tell me again how the "gun culture" is dying – I need something to laugh at.

Additionally, I would like to correct something the NSSF article said, and add to it a bit as well – the NICS check is not mandatory for every firearm sold at retail. Some states – Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Michigan, and others – allow a handgun carry permit (or whatever those states’ equivalents may be called) to stand in the place of an NICS background check. This only makes sense. The state has already background checked you (quite thoroughly, at that) once, and has concluded that you are responsible enough to carry a firearm in public; why go through the hassle of background checking you again just to buy another gun?

Of course, that raises the amusing question of, "If you already own firearms, why do you have to go through another background check to purchase another firearm?"

Moving on, NICS checks represent, at minimum, one firearm purchase at a commercial retailer. So far as I know, there is no maximum to the number of guns you can purchase per NICS checks (5+ 2+ handgun purchases in a week five days still have to be reported to the BATFE, though), which means there were at least 154,873 firearms purchased on Black Friday, but, in reality, there were probably a multiple of that purchased. No way of knowing.

Finally, NICS checks are not required for private sales in most states (and rightfully so), and I know there was a gun show here in Knoxville during the whole Thanksgiving weekend… mostly because I worked it, and purchased a new-to-me handgun (pictures to follow… sometime) from a private seller, which is one of probably hundreds of thousands of firearm purchases that will not show up on the above chart.

Now for a bit of fun. Let us pick an arbitrary number – say $750 – for the average value of firearms purchased on Black Friday; a bit high for handguns, a bit low for long-guns. If we assume (incorrectly, but it is an assumption) that every NICS check is equivalent to a single firearm, $116,154,750 got dumped into the American economy on firearms alone that day. Now add in ammunition, holsters, cleaning kits, cases, and other accessories, and you are looking at easily a quarter of a billion dollars. And those "calculations" (such as they are) are based only on the bare minimum of firearm sales we know about; suffice to say the firearms industry is Big Business indeed.

And yet the "gun control" extremists would demolish that not-insignificant portion of the American economy – an economy, I would point out, that is still not recovering – on the basis of their own personal phobias, fears, and bigotry. Hell with that. Even looking past the fact that our individual rights are not open to negotiation, I very much doubt our economy, and the tens of thousands of people employed by firearm and firearm-related accessory manufacturers, would much appreciate that level of idiocy.

But I am quite sure all of those new firearm owners, after having invested potentially thousands of dollars in their purchases, will be more than willing to hand them over should some narrow-minded, intolerant, weak-willed, bureaucratic, petty authoritarian decide it is in their best interests…

(Found by way of No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money.)

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  • Matt in FL

    “Some states – Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Michigan, and others – allow a handgun carry permit (or whatever those states’ equivalents may be called) to stand in the place of an NICS background check.”

    At least in Florida’s case, this is incorrect. I’ve filled out a 4473 on every firearm I’ve purchased from an FFL, be they handgun, shotgun, long gun, and even stripped lowers. The Florida carry permit removes the 3-day waiting period requirement for handguns, but nothing else.

  • Matt in FL

    Oops. To be clear, the second sentence should read: “…filled out a 4473 and had them call in on every…”

  • Linoge said… “(5+ handgun purchases in a week still have to be reported to the BATFE, though)”

    it’s two or more handguns sold to the same buyer within five business days

    [18 U.S.C. § 923(g)(3)] The sale of two or more handguns must be reported if they occur at the same time, or within five business days of each other.

    I’m sure #GunControl is butt hurt that the American people will spend that much money on guns and not on their failed pet projects. Every time one of the cry babies mentions the amount of money that NRA has and says that they get finance by the gun industry, I have to ask “where does the gun industry get their money?”

  • @ Matt in FL: Whoops. That is what I get for not doing my own darned homework. Thanks for the heads-up.

    @ Bill Baldwin: Double-derp… apparently I am batting 0.000 with this post. Thanks :).

    And, of course, the next fun question is, “Oh, by the way, how much money did all of the ‘gun control’ groups combined bring in on Black Friday?” Guessing there are at least five orders of magnitude difference.

  • There are twenty two states where a permit is used as a substitute for a NICS. Shocker, California is one of them, but only for the entertainment industry. This list is at http://www.atf.gov/firearms/brady-law/permit-chart.html

    As far as how much money the anti-rights cultist bigots brought in, I’d guess about $4.99. As I’m sure you know, CSGV has been pushing their trinkets lately, and this past Tuesday, they were begging for money on something called giving Tuesday or some crap. It’s not all that surprising that they have to beg for money like the homeless, they have to beg for friends, too. I’d not be surprised if Brady files for bankruptcy protection next year, apparently they took a big loss last year and I haven’t seen them listed on the Joyce grants page.

  • David W.

    I wonder how many guns are given as Christmas presents each year.

    I would have been able to get a handgun on black friday this year, but couldn’t decide what to get, and therefore ended up buying yesterday…

    I’m so happy now I can buy any gun I want… Being 21 is awesome!!! *cheers*

    Now all I have to do for age 21 milestones is buy alcohol… That actually seems harder and more confusing then buying a gun.

  • @ Bill Baldwin: Plus in Kalifornistan, actually procuring a carry permit is… functionally impossible in most of the state.

    I honestly have not been keeping up with CSGV; the last post I made about them was due to someone else bringing something to my attention :). It is not surprising that they are reduced to begging for their funding… I had not heard that the Brady Bunch was not on the Jayce Foundation’s baby-momma list any more. I wonder if they have finally realized that “gun control” is a financial loser, among a political loser and social loser.

    @ David W.: Congratulations on mostly being regarded as a legal adult! (You still cannot rent a car unless you are in the military…) What handgun did you decide on?

    As for alcohol… find a friend with a well-stocked liquor cabinet and convince him to let you raid it. The trick is finding what you like, and that has taken me damned near a decade.

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  • Who coined “Gun Culture 1.0” “Gun Culture 2.0”?

    The gun culture is dead, long live the gun culture!

    I think we’re seeing a shift from the hunters to the self defenders and if you only look at hunting, it appears that “the” gun culture is dying.

  • That’s a godo point McThag.

    I remember as recent as ten years ago when the reasons for owning a gun was limted to: sport, hunting, historical interest. Anything else was scandalous in “polite” company.

    Now, self defense is the primary and assumed reason.

  • @ McThag: Cannot say as though I remember who devised those designations either, but, in any case, you are right that if one confines their attention to 1.0, they will completely miss out on the rapidly-burgeoning 2.0.

    But, as we know, numbers, facts, and statistics are not the strong suits of the anti-rights cultists.

    @ The Jack: My parents are a perfect example of this – they have gone from assault-weapon-ban-endorsing, “no one needs that kind of gun” folks, to carrying their own sidearms and amassing a collection that nearly rivals my own, all in the space of the past decade. Amusingly, this conversion is mostly due to the insanity of the anti-rights position itself…