sign them up for a marathon

I was not a huge fan of the book, so maybe it is just as well the movie’s only point of similarity appears to be its title:

Of course, the movie goes with freakishly hyper-fast zombies, whereas the books featured the standard shamblers… I cannot say as though I have ever been a huge proponent of the former position. I mean, unless we are going to the 28 Days Later theory, "zombies" are functionally dead, with the majority of their bodily functions shut off. As such, wounds will heal slower, if at all, infections will win, swelling and necrosis will set in, and things will just start breaking down. If it is winter, you will probably end up with zombsicles, and if it is the summer, especially around the equator, you are going to have steaming puddles of goo and one hell of a smell.

But zombies as a persistent threat? Unless we are talking about certain parts of the world, or we buy into the Newsflesh theory that all humans are already infected and just waiting for exposure to the live virus and/or death for the bug to take over, I am just not seeing it. Oh, sure, a zombie break-out would pretty much be an apocalyptic event, if only because people are stupid, but the movie seems to focus more on that collapse, and less on the aftermath, which is what the book really pursued. Of course, that aftermath did not exactly make for riveting reading, which means the producers probably made the right call.

*shrug* Honestly, I am more looking forward to this one:

(Videos should work now. Apparently when scheduling posts for the future (which I was doing for the Christmas holiday period, since we were and are out of town), WordPress just arbitrarily deletes / breaks the YouTube embed code for videos. Wierd.)

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  1. I find it funny that we both agree that reanimation of the dead is plausible enough for fiction, but that zombies which are fast AND death causes us to roll our eyes and call BS. Dunno why it is, but it is.

  2. I remember an animation teacher I had once complain about zombies in regards to bone and muscles, since the lore of zombies is “get bitten, become one.” Some zombies are more eaten than just plain bitten, and every time this teacher saw one walking around with exposed bone, he’d fly into controlled rants on how it shouldn’t be able to even stand because so-and-so muscle was gone.

  3. I just recently tried to read WWZ but only managed a few pages before i gave up.
    Fast zombies are just wrong.
    I also watched the worst ever zombie related movie this week, Resident Evil Retribution. It was a soul-less, flat, computer generated sleep fest.

  4. Not terribly intrerested in zombie flicks, but I’m also looking forward to the next Star Trek. I just hope they don’t continue the pattern/curse of “every other one sucks” – or that it at least does well enough for a third one. I’d really like to see them bring in one of the classic Trek writers – D.C. Fontana, Diane Duane, or David Gerrold come to mind right off the top of my head – and move back to the more story-driven plots rather than the action-oriented ones JJ Abrams seems to favour.

  5. @ Jake:
    From the sales figures of previous movies, this one is due to suck. But a Star Trek with a story would be nice, although the last one without a story made the most $$$

  6. @ Erin Palette: Well, given that crazy-assed fungus that apparently hijacks ants’ bodies and drives them around like a rented Kia, I do not consider the possibility of a zombie-like infection to be all that far-flung at all. Sometimes reality really is stranger than fiction.

    But it does have to step in from time to time… 😉

    @ the dude: That too. Flayed leg all the way up to the knee, and still standing? Yeah. Right.

    @ dave w: I read WWZ all the way through because numerous people promised it would be good. I contend their definitions of “good” and mine are radically different…

    @ Jake: These days, if it can keep the Star Trek name alive, especially with the new bright-and-shiny reboot, I will be willing to take a little less story and a little more planet-destroying action. If I had to make a wild-assed guess, though, I would wager space operas are on their way out for the time…

  7. Nope, that is the right one, hence everyone’s confusion about this movie – must have fed them ‘roids or something.

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