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shark? what shark?

While Christmas shopping recently, Better Half discovered that Amazon has a dedicated, actual, honest-to-God storefront named Zombie Apocalypse Supplies.

No, really:


This store has such categories as "Brain Protection" and "Duct Tape".

I might be at a loss for words.

--Download shark? what shark? as PDF --

7 comments to shark? what shark?

  • Stan

    Damn. I wish I knew about this site before Christmas.

  • Mark@Sea

    Glad I didn’t. Managed to trip over a couple new AR’s last Friday, and had just enough to liberate them from captivity. Who needs a bank account, anyway? Darn stuff is getting to be worth less on a weekly basis, it seems.

  • Lynn H

    OMG! They have a whole section for DUCT TAPE!!!

  • cspradlin

    You have so many awesome toys Mark. And you keep getting more. I gotta get my M1 up here, if only all the FFLs didn’t want extremely exorbitant fees for transfers.

  • Mark@Sea

    Cody, you can have it mailed to yourself. It’s legal to do so. I’d go with UPS if you have an offbase address.

  • cspradlin

    That’s the problem right there, I don’t have an offbase address. As it is, I can’t tell if the wording of the law means I can use an In Care Of address, since I know people who have off-post housing, if I can use an ICO all that would be left would be packing it up and mailing it.

  • @ Stan: Stock up now ;).

    @ Mark@Sea: You? Getting legitimate ARs? Good Lord, what is this world coming to?

    @ Lynn H: In all of its various sizes and colors, at that.

    @ cspradlin: Might be worth talking to a lawyer about the finer details of shipping firearms… shipping them to yourself is wholly authorized, but I agree – the definition of “yourself” gets a might complicated.