“There's no such thing as a good gun. There's no such thing as a bad gun. A gun in the hands of a bad man is a very dangerous thing. A gun in the hands of a good person is no danger to anyone except the bad guys.”
by Charlton Heston




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quote of the day – @scootey

A common theme you will find amongst “gun control” extremists is that they not only hate the Second Amendment, they hate all the Amendments, but especially those found within the original Bill of Rights.  This only makes sense – if there is one thing an authoritarian or totalitarian hates, it is individual rights, and a document and its addendums that go out of their way to specifically protect and preserve those individual rights would be a despicable thing indeed… at least to them. 

Today provided a perfect example of this phenomena.  I had the misfortune of attracting the attention of a variety of “Trayvon Truthers” on Twitter – you know, the folks who firmly believe that George Zimmerman should have allowed Trayvon Martin to beat out his brains on the ground on account of the former following the latter, and that Zimmerman himself is racist and “hunted” Trayvon – and one in particular, a certain @Scootey, just could not tolerate my calling out his repeated and incessant lies.  His response?  To tell me to “STFU”: 

imageAnd the true "progressive" comes out – silence all who would dare point out their lies. RT @scootey: Just STFU already.

Of course, not willing to let go of his hatred, he clarified: 

image@linoge_wotc You need to be silenced b/c you’re an idiot.

Read those words carefully; not the insults (I hardly care about being called an “idiot” by a mental midget who believes, and I quote, “Individual rights … come from government.”), but them, “You need to be silenced,” part.  The phrasing of that statement makes it very clear that @Scootey there firmly believes that someone should silence me for him; in other words, he believes someone should use force to abridge my individual rights as protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, all for daring to point out his lies.  One has to love the threat implied in that statement: “Be quiet, or someone will make you be quiet.” 

Apparently, like so many “gun control” fetishists before him, @Scootey respects the First Amendment just as much as he respects the Second – not at all. 

Bear this in mind when dealing with other anti-rights cultists…  They do not hate your guns, they hate your rights – all of them – and they will use whatever force they believe necessary to strip you of those rights. 

(Incidentally, this answers Bob Owens’ question of why I bother with authoritarian scum like @Scootey – know your enemy, and all that.  Plus, it gives me blogfodder like this). 

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