“I guess our country had a good run, but welcome to the police state. When an apparently law-abiding citizen and veteran can be gunned down in his own home for owning legal property and being unfortunately related to a family of allegedly law-breaking pikers, this 'America' experiment of ours is well and truly over.”
by Linoge


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quote of the day – kendra st. clair

By now, you all are probably aware of the story of the 12-year-old girl perforating the home-intruder through the bathroom closet door, but have you heard her response to the incident?

"When I had the gun, I didn’t think I was actually going to have to shoot somebody," the 6th grader recalled. "I think it’s going to change me a whole lot, knowing that I can hold my head up high and nothing can hurt me anymore."

About the only way this situation could have been better was if this was not Kendra’s first time behind the trigger of a firearm. Thankfully, though, such tools are designed to be easily used by anyone from 12-year-old girls to 92-year-old war veterans, and that ease of use arguably saved this girl’s life.

And let us not mince words here – that young woman either saved her own life, saved herself from being raped, or saved herself from being abducted (and then probably murdered and/or raped). The various authorities and back-seat commentators are hypothesizing that her attacker was "homeless" and was "only looking for food", to which I say "bulldren"; you do not go looking for food in the bathroom closet. According to Kendra, she opened the blinds/shades on one of the windows to get a look at this person beating on her home’s front door, so we know the jackass was already aware of her presence in the house; couple that with the fact that he probably heard her on the phone with her mother and/or 911, and he knew more-or-less where she was hiding. He could have chosen to avoid that area and grab whatever food/valuables he was after if that was really his intent.

Apparently it was not, and when Kendra literally had nowhere else to run, she did what she had to in order to protect herself, as she had every right to do.

And let us take a look at that instance of self-defense. If Kendra’s mother, Debra, had followed the advice of "gun control" extremists, the Glock would have been locked up in a safe somewhere, with its ammunition and magazines locked in a separate safe. Debra was not home; what if she had the keys to the respective safes with her? What if she could not remember the combinations when her daughter’s life was on the line and she was not home? What if Kendra did not know how to operate a combination lock (I did not until high school), or fumbled it in the stress of the situation?

Or, worse still, what if Debra had taken the council of the true anti-rights cultists and simply not had a firearm in her house? What recourse would Kendra have had against an aggressor who was significantly larger, stronger, and more vicious than she could hope to be at 12 years of age?

So long as people like Kendra’s home invader exist and continue to try to prey on the weaker, the infirm, the older, the younger, the smaller, the slower, and anyone else they can get their despicable hands upon, "gun control" only serves to aid and abet violent criminals by disarming those potential victims and turning them into defenseless prey. I do not hold to that. Thugs who unlawfully break into other people’s home with any form of ill intent should be so lucky as to only receive what Kendra provided to her aggressor, and that particular dreg of humanity should be counting his lucky stars that she was unable to aim properly at his center of mass; something tells me she would not have hesitated to do so, and rightfully so.

6 comments to quote of the day – kendra st. clair

  • Mark@Sea

    If you have the means, you have the option. Gun Control is a stranger telling you to trust him, and surrender your options.

  • MAJMike

    Regardless of what empty-headed Hollywood stars and Code Pink skanks say, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to confront him with a good guy with a gun. Apparently such logic is beyond the blood-dancers’ comprehension.

  • dave w

    Its better to have 12yr old girls beaten and raped than it is to have guns?

    I don’t think i will be switching sides on this anytime soon

  • Mark@Sea

    Want a perfect example of gun control? I give you the middle ages. THOSE were certainly non-violent; I can’t recall a single media storm over a shooting.

  • Stan

    It appears the Oklahoma does not have a “safe storage” law as well so the mother doesn’t have to worry about being victimized by the state because her daughter could defend herself

  • @ Mark@Sea: “Gun control” is just another way of saying “give the rapist what he wants”.

    Hell with that.

    @ MAJMike: Unfortunately, history has been quite clear on that point – spree/mass shootings will continue until either (a) the shooter gets bored, or (2) effective resistance is mounted against the shooter. The most effective resistance in the world is another person shooting at the shooter, and invariably, after that happens, the shooter dies, either through suicide or effective counterfire.

    Unfortunately, the old quip about “learning from history” definitely appears to be true, only those idiots want us to relive their ignorance.

    @ dave w: Nor I.

    @ Stan: From what little I paid attention to the case after it surfaced in the news, the state’s general response appears to have been “good shot”. If that is, indeed, the case, more power to OK.