“Hey, I don't mind you having guns. In fact, I hope you gun cretins all shoot yourselves and make the world a better place just like Meleanie [Hain] did. No, that's not hate, just a sincere desire to see a better world, which this will be without your sorry arses preventing proper gun laws from being adopted.”
by James Charles Michael Bannerman, writing as 'Laci the Dog'


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product of a bored sunday

So I spent most of yesterday blowing the not-insubstantial mass of leaves provided to our not-insubstantial back yard courtesy of the not-insubstantial forest behind our house, and I vacuumed the downstairs this morning (when the cats start sneezing on their own dust bunnies, it is about time to do that); the upshot of all of this is that my right hand has been functionally reduced to a “mewling quim”, to quote the inimitable Loki (look up the phrase if you like, but not on a work computer). 

The good news is since I cannot do anything else, I get to bring you pictures like this: 


Yup, that gun I picked up at the show last weekend is a Norinco Type 54 in the traditional 7.62x25mm (there was a 9mm version there too) – a Chinese clone of the Soviet TT-33.  The airship ticket I shamelessly stole from here, the holster is what the gun came with, and the muzzle brake… well, I figured it looked awesome on the gun, and supposedly it even helps a little with the recoil (you can procure your own here).  Yes, I know nothing in that scene is chronologically concurrent, and yes, I know the gun will not fit in its holster any more, but I am working on that part, at least. 

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