“When the best argument the anti-rights cultists have is the physical dimensions of pro-rights activists, you know they are losing. Badly.”
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pre-christmas sale

Speaking of Christmas presents, I still have a number of Russian Origami t-shirts in inventory, all Larges, X-Larges, and XX-Larges (i.e. no Mediums or XXX-Larges left).

In the interests of getting the out of my house and maybe under one of your trees, from now until the 18th, I am offering free shipping on any quantity of shirts.

If you want this deal, email me directly; do NOT use the order form on this site. I am too lazy to change the functionality of the little doohicky PayPal gives me and then change it back on the 18th, so just email me directly at "linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net" or PayPal me the money at that address, and we will sort out the details.

The shirt will go out Priority Mail, just like all the rest, which means it should get to you in time to be wrapped, but you will not have to pay the $5-$10 postage.

Again, please email me directly if you want this deal.

(Note: This deal is only applicable for shipments to US addresses. Canadians, Australians, and everyone else are SOL.)

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