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The previous owner indicated that it was originally used by the Army to move around aerial surveillance cameras when they were not actually in their aircraft. I have no idea – tried researching the serial numbers on it, and did not come up with much.

In any case, the entire top lifts off (no hinges) courtesy of those cool tension latches on the front and back, and it is more than large enough for our desired "bench at the end of the bed that can also hold stuff" plans. The current intentions are to remove the hardware for safe keeping, sand it all down, and then hit the inset panels with either one of the "hammered" metal paints or actual copper leaf, depending on how adventurous we are. Not sure about a color for the rest of the framework. Then I am going to stick some bracing on the inside for additional support, Better Half will make up a cushion for the top, and we are good to go.

And people say us conservative types do not recycle…

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  1. My father used a smaller version of an Army box like that to store our Christmas lights. That picture brings back memories.

  2. Ha Ha.

    I did this once with an old crate that was used to ship M-16s. You’re going to have a helluva time if you’re trying to remove all the old paint. I wanted the wood grain finish all over the outside. I ended up going to the belt sander. I don’t know what the heck DoD uses for paint, but that stuff is like iron.

    Ended up with a gorgeous coffee table, with a top that lifted off for storage.

  3. @ Roberta X: I believe the current intentions are to remove the existing hardware for the refinishing process, and then just put it all back – the screw-down toggles have an impressive amount of class, in addition to being quite functional. ‘Course, the same can be said of the Tansu stuff…. Yet another store I did not need to know about ;).

    @ Tom: Come to think of it, I think my parents do too. Huh.

    @ MSgt B: Nope, I know better :). I just plan on sanding it enough to get the serious imperfections and roughness out of it, and then coating it heavily with Rustoleum or something like that as a base coat (probably the black I was talking about). Our bedroom set deviated from bare wood a while back anywise, so this simplifies things :).

    @ NotClauswitz: I has plans ;).

  4. I recently went into a Lee Valley for the first time, i dont know what makes an axe worth $100 but i wish i could afford to find out.
    I looked at all the things i could afford/didn’t know what they did, and the got my Dietz oil lamp and left.

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